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My name is Drew Ross, and I am The Pajama-Man. I am also known as "Mr. Insurance of Nevada!"

I am a top producer in insurance for individual sales in the State of Nevada.

In addition I train students nationwide to do what I do.

What do I do? I write more insurance applications than any other insurance broker in the State! I do it with a unique system that has helped to separate me from the rest!

My daily goal is to earn $3000 plus a day!

System Statement

It is the system that makes you unique and allows you to write multiple applications daily. The system means, "you NEVER have to leave your home-office ... and if you do, it will cost you business!

Our system is complete. No guess work, as you are THE expert. You guide the prospect thru our system, and when they come out the other side, they have a complete education and understanding of why you presribed the carrier, program and plan.

Our goal is for you to be THE TOP PRODUCER!

Mission Statement

Our school educates students so they become a top producer, and earn unlimited residual income. Students are trained how to prescribe, educate, problem solve, and HELP THE GENERAL PUBLIC BECOME INFORMED ON WHAT IS BEST FOR THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES!

This education creates a growing and MASSIVE residual income stream! We will accomplish this by sharing a system with you that will put you instantly in business! No stone will be left unturned in pursuit of your excellence and your success!"

The Pajama Man | Drew Ross | The Pajama Man School

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The harsh reality is, I needed a new career. I was facing the unpleasant thought of having to get a job, out in the real world (ugh). I spent many hours thinking about how to go about this tough situation I was presented with. What would my new career be? In time, the answer came in the form of insurance--a business that would allow me to stay in my work-from-home mode, earn residual income, and tap into a trillion dollar industry. I knew if I applied my system that had carried me for years in my previous career ... I would be "set", and I am!

Today, 8 plus years of my being in the health and general insurance business, I am known as Mr.  Insurance of Nevada. I have a system that has created a $3,000 a day income goal ... which I rarely do not meet and beat. 

I remember my first application, and my first client.  I am proud and pleased to state; I have written thousands of applications, all from my home-office, and my income has soared. I have earned more income then my previous career, by far, and there is no limit to the income growth. The key is RESIDUAL INCOME  ...  it grows and grows without limitation. It is hard for me to understand why everyone is not in a residual income model. I guess I am some what spoiled, as for me, there is NO OTHER WAY!

Steady growth is built into the system that I will teach you. My office is spinning daily with business. My biggest problem is handling all the activity. If you are a motivated person, who will run the business the way I teach it, you, too, can be The Pajama-Man.

On this website, you can see proof of my 2006 income, it was $178,000. 2006 was my year #2 in the health insurance business. In year #3 my income has continued to steadily grow. My business model is all about multiple income streams.