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Jean B
Hi Andy,
By the way ... I have $1600 (9 policies-1 referral) submitted already this month.
John C. G.
Hey Andy,
Today is my 19th birthday, and I know I have said it before, but I am going to say it again, thank you for everything. I may get gifts today from my friends, and family, but not like the one you have given me. Your knowledge, guidance, and your drive to succeed have made me remember where I came from. From you instruction I've gained knowledge, confidence, and most of all you have reminded me of who I really am! I am an animal! I will not fail! And most important of all, I WILL NOT SETTLE FOR LESS THEN THE BEST!! Thank you for giving me that again, I very much appreciate you Andy.
John C. G.
Ed S
Just saved a client $210 per month on their family health insurance.  She said "You made it so much easier to understand than when I was trying to do it myself"!
Ed S
Evelyn J.


I've gotten a total of 15 apps, not counting the 3 I submitted between yesterday and today in the last week.     Evelyn J.

Sold my first policy today!  :-)  19 year old single female.  Evelyn J. 

Hey Andy,
I emailed you yesterday to let you know that I had gotten my first deal yesterday and had two more lined up for today.  I just got my second deal and am calling on my third in a few minutes.  Just wanted to share the GREAT news!   Yipee!  Evelyn J.

Just got another one !  I am on a roll!  3 so far and it's only Tuesday.  I am excited!

Thanks Andy.  I find that the words are just coming out of my lips without hesitation as if I am some expert or something.  My client from this morning said, and I quote:  "No one has ever talked insurance this way to me before, this is great."   Evelyn J. 

Hi Andy, 

I am on application # 2 today Saturday.  I might have to do this more often!  Hope all is well.   Evelyn J



I wrote 5 applications in the last few days!  Evelyn J.

I got 4 life insurance policies written all THIS week!  Yup..yup :)  Have been working with Al a lot lately!  He is AWESOME!!   Evelyn J

I did a total of 4 life insurance policies and 2 health.  I also had 3 phone referrals to contact this morning and have set appointments with all for tomorrow.  I continue to build my pipeline.  Very cool.  :)   Evelyn J


Hey Andy,

Just a quick note that I meant to send to you last week. I've got two $10 million dollar life insurance policies in the works. :) Nice!  Evelyn J.

Kim C
You're a great guy, Andy, & I already consider you a wonderful friend as well as teacher/mentor.  My only regret in coming in contact with you is that it took me nearly 49 years on this rock & almost 1 1/2 years of unemployment to do so.  Having said that, I need to again remind myself that God's timing is always perfect.
Kim C.
Stacey S.

do you ever want testimonials for your site/just had my best month ever/sold everything life,dental,critical,medical,pcip etc/referrals are really starting to come in/its working just like you said it would/advances & monthly payments/my only regret is that i did not do this in 2006 when sold my company/could be sitting good on residuals by now/hope all is well.
Stacey S.

Just a quick note about my first week with your school. To say that I am impressed with the school and your training would be a gross understatement. I feel like I hired Tony Robbins as my life/business coach. The way that you conduct your business and yourself is absolutely first class. You are a terrific mentor of a very high caliber and I feel very fortunate to have found you and your school at this point in my life. You lead by example and would not ask your students to do anything you have not done or continue to do on a daily basis. The positive energy is awesome and inspring and I cannot thank you enough for taking me on as a student. 
Stacey S.

 I have written 9 applications this week. I love the business.
Just to follow up / I have never missed a class and have done exactly as you instructed.  You excel....in fact you are one of the best instructors I have seen and I have seen some good ones.
Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for all you have done. I did not think it was possible to get checks in the mail and direct deposits so quickly. It is like Christmas every day.  I am one of these type of students that if I really believe in what I am doing and understand what I am doing, I know I will do well.  I have found my final career here.  Have sold 15 health and 2 life and have a very good marketing plan / 3 approvals this week.  What I am trying to say is thanks for getting me in the chair. It works!
Stacey S.

I hope all is well with you! “I really tore it up today” ... had a great day writing business.
Stacey S 
I just wrote my 50th application this morning/goal is 100 for year so on track/11 were referrals/wish I would have done this years ago / selling a lot of ancillary/hope all is well .
Stacey S.


Cathy B.
This is really good stuff.  You are the best!!!  Ready to roll !
Cathy B.

Had a really productive day.  I set 2 appointments for next week.  I also wrote a mother and daughter life, health and dental today.  I also wrote the mother/wife a $100,000 life policy for $68.00 a month.  She has an existing policy which she pays $165.00 a month.  I wrote the daughter $100,000 life insurance for $17.00 a month. 
They were so happy to have the daughter on her own and they are saving money.  They also referred me to 2 other families.
Cathy B.

First I wanted to tell you about how well following your advice works.  I feel wonderful because I am a tue consultant and an educator.  You stress this and advise this, the deals will come but we are in the people business first.  Thank you andy for all you do.
Cathy B.
Even though I am new to the business I am getting into a routine. I am writing 1 to 2 apps a day and a life insurance policy per week. I love it!
Cathy B
Education, patience, listening and giving them the tools to make an informed decision will keep your business on the books and keep the referrals coming in. I find an enormous satisfaction in this business that I haven't felt ..  before. In the past year, which was my first I have written over 150 health policies, and only had 6 fall off the books. That feels pretty darn good.
Thanks Andy,
Cathy B
Nick E.
Andy, my first commission checks have started rolling in...feels great!
Nick E.

Todd L.
Andy,  Just checking in with you.  I am working 25 leads, and adding more all the time.  I also submitted my first application  (plan 4 5,000)  today.  Things are taking off.  Your system works.  
Todd L.
Andy, I want to call you and review how things are going, but I am writing applications and am having a hard time finding time to call. I will try in the morning before things get too crazy.
Todd L.
Eddie B
A quick story- In 2006 I became the #1 agent in the country for Medicare Advantage with Humana, 2007 came in 2nd for Well Care, 2008 came in second for Coventry. The reason I am telling you this is I never had relations with my clients, I never felt I was doing a good job. I have been on a roller coaster ride for years. Your program is showing me the missing pieces of the puzzle. What I  am trying to say is Thank you for bringing me on board with all my heart. What I have observed so far is amazing. Being with you and your company is where I belong. I hope someday I can repay you for everything your doing for me.
Just knowing I am working with the BEST has been a huge relief off me and my wife's shoulders. I was ready to throw in the towel, but now you made me alive again. I remember for the first time in a long time why I got into this business. I haven't been this excited since I got my license. I consider you my mentor, teacher and new friend.
Thank You !!!!!!
Eddie B
Dawn S.
Andy, your class is filled with so many gold nuggets! I love it.
Dawn S.
Hey Andy,
      Thank you for a great first week at your school. The training you have put together is outstanding! I am finding the insurance concepts I am learning on the simulator very interesting. I know I will love this career and I have you to thank for it.  Have a great weekend. Dawn S.
Jay E.

Jay Elliot 

Andy, I was informed by Celtic Insurance that I was the 3rd. top producer in the United States for the first 6 months of 2009 / Jay


"Where has this business been all of my life"?
I cannot thank you enough for being my teacher, mentor and coach. I would have took months and months to learn the health insurance business without your help. Joining "The Pajama Man School" will prove to be the smartest carreer decision I have ever made. I cannot wait to start educating clients and writing app after app. Just wrote my first deal on day one (signed). I am waiting for 3 others to be faxed back. The client loved me because I truly educated her. She loved that I was working from home. She also loved that I had many plans and options vesus another broker she spoke to ... who tried to hammer her into one plan. I guided her to the plan that made the most sense for her. This was an awesome experience for me as I move forward past my first day.

Andy I am writing business daily. I am "networking all over the place" ... I am working the system and the results have been great. I am writing multiple applications daily. This is just the beginning for me. I am going to be my state's top producer!

Andy, Insurance is in my blood!!!

I ended today with a $772 Humana submitted app. a $154 Celtic app. and a Humana Health/life/dental app at $525.

With that said, I have had 3 major medical online apps. go into underwriting this morning and another MINI MED coming in in an hour or so.
Congratulations to our 3rd quarter 2008 Top Producers - and their DSMs!

  Andy, I was sent $950 in American Express gift checks from Celtic ... contest money. ONLY ON A FEW POLICIES. Not bad!!


Andy, the pipeline is the key, as I get call backs from weeks and months ago. One of the best pieces of advice you gave me, is "care about the customer more than the commission".


I had 3 go into Wellpath yesterday and 2 go into Assurant this morning. However, they are only applications....not done deals.

Lot's of insurance deals going down.
2.....$400 Assurant deals that will pay 12 month advance.
Met January goal and plan on smashing Feb. goal. Lot's of referral business coming in as well.


I wrote $1400 in premium , yesterday.

Steve K.
The thing I respect most about you Andy is your tireless energy and work ethic 7 days a week.  You are an inspiration. Steve K.

It is great to receive a $1500 residual check in only my first few months! UNBELIEVABLE!! I wrote 7 deal yesterday, and I didn't start my day until 3:00PM! I am wearing a T-shirt, shorts, and I am barefoot. I have NO commute to work. My mentor (YOU) is worth every penny I invested in him, and there is no way I can thank enough! For the first time in two years I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (financially). Thank You, Andy, for not only sharing your knowledge, but for giving each and every one of your students a piece of your heart.

Life is good my friend, and getting better everyday!

Andy … I wrote $14,000 in premium with United this week.
Andy,  I am very excited about the opportunity, I am 200% committed! Your mentoring and support have been great and I want you to know I appreciate it.

 I want to thank you again for getting me started in this business. It is very clear to me that it is not only a fantastic opportunity to build a solid income stream, but it is also very rewarding. Your guidance and knowledge of the resources available makes it easy to get started. Not many businesses offer the opportunity to work from home, require no inventory or employees, you are truly self-employed, there are no credit checks, and there is unlimited growth. Leads are abundant. The best part is there is no hefty start up cost of $100,000 to $500,000 that you typically have in starting a new business! The investment I made is very little for what I have recieved. I am still learning the business, studying the plans, and working toward becoming an expert which is building more confidence every day. I'm am glad I put my trust in you because the numbers work and it is wonderful to be providing people with peace of mind! Thank you, my friend!

Steve K.Steve K.Steve K's dogSteve K's dog

I’m at 4 aps today, about $870 in monthly premium. Ass kicking day!!

My first day on the job... application premiums are $166, $161, $338, and $338. Not bad for my first day! 

Getting the $500 a month deal tonight and I have another one that’s $350 to do tomorrow. I get better with every call, not bad for week one!

Tell me another business where you can work from home, help people, and generate that kind of income ... Thanks to the PJM school!


Mark M.

Hi Andy,
I had my first sale last night. I took your advise and quoted an HSA and a copay plan with Humana.  I was able to educate him on the fact that he would actually be paying more out of pocket with the copay plan compared to the HSA while still getting negotiated rates for the office visit with the HSA.  Once he agreed on that it was then choosing which HSA to go with.  I then discussed the math and told him he could pocket the $151 savings per month which is a savings of $1812 for the year.  Why pay the insurance company instead of lining your own pockets. Thank you again for all of your knowledge. 

Mark M.

Jim C.

Jim C.I am proud and excited to announce...

That my student Jim C in Ohio was informed by his broker manager, Melissa, that he was the top broker in Ohio for United Health Care for the past quarter in individual sales. He will receive $1000 bonus. Congratulations to Jim C. - Andy

Jim is already up to $2000 a residual month in income! By year end he will "dwarf" that!!
Hi Andy,
The training is terrific.  I think the live calls will be very good.  I had been on the training seminars daily and some evenings, because I have activities on Monday and Wednesday evening, I will be on the Tuesday and Thursday calls. Hopefully I will receive the quotit training this week, and start role-playing, and find the top 3 insurance companies. I have applied for appointment to six companies.

Dear Andy,
Things are starting to snow-ball.  My first approved customer’s friend called from out-of-state, and she wants the same plan as her friend, and wants me as her broker, and is willing to wait a week until I get that state’s license to sell health insurance. Another applicant’s father-in-law also wants me to be his broker, and I will be getting him signed up later this week. I also have at least five or six, and maybe more who say they will to sign up as soon as their divorce is final, they find out their last day of coverage with their work, or other circumstances. I am getting a few calls from the auto-responder letters, from leads I purchased a month ago.

The power phrases and the emphasis on customer service really make a huge difference. My telephone voice is not very good, but I am working to improve. I try to use as many of the power phrases into the conversations. Lowballitis definitely gets their attention. Customers appreciate the fact that you start low and then introduce the other features, advantages, and benefits. Jim C


I am very excited about this business. The potential is unlimited. I sold my business 3 years ago, and have tried at least 5 other jobs and ventures with no success. I am very happy about the decision I made to go with you. I still have a long way to go, but I am confidant. Your training has been and continues to be extremely motivational and educational. Thank you very much for you support and encouragement.

Irene A.
So it's been a month since I've started full time. I submit approximately 1 per day. Happy about that! And the TF piece makes my business dy-no-miiiite! I'm 100% mobile, too. Last week worked from Waikiki beach. Never going back to Corp America!    :-) Irene
Jerry K.
This week is going to be great!  Opening day is getting closer... This is a great program....Andy you are a great mentor who works tirelessly...what an inspiration!  Jerry K.
Andrea M.

 Andrea M. 

Again, thank you so much Andy, and have a great weekend. YOU'RE THE MAN!!!!!!!! 
Please send me whatever information you obtain and THANK YOU!!!  I appreciate all you do and how you really take care of your students!!!!!!
Andrea M.
Dear Andy:
 I am so happy you found a wonderful product for the un-insurable.  I spoke with a potential client today who was declined by Kaiser for epilepsy, and it felt so good to tell her not to worry because even if we couldn't get her "major medical" that she can still get insured with a limited benefits medical plan.  She was extremely happy to hear that! We make money everywhere with you. There is no one, we can't help!!
Also, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful and encouraging card you sent to me.  It felt great to get a pat on the back from my instructor.  You are a terrific inspiration to us all!!!!  Thanks again and have a great weekend.   ANDREA
Dear Andy:
Got an $800 a month BOR, but I will reduce her premiums when I become the agent.  Sold one Diamond AIM plan and possibly another Diamond plan and sold a $467 a month Blue Shield policy for father and son.  Thanks Andy!
Dear Andy:
Thank you so much for referring me to Al , to help my client's mom in Idaho with her health insurance.  I just got off the phone with him and he is awesome!  I know that the client will be in very good hands. 
I feel so lucky to be a part of the Pajamaman group and to know that there is a network of agents all over the country I can rely on. Thanks again for everything you do.   ANDREA M
John F
Today, I wrote 3 apps -- a guaranteed acceptance medical plan, a term life and a dental plan.

Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help and inspiration. We're on the way now!  John F.
Bobbie S.


 Bobbie S.

Here is my update. I am writing 2-3 application per day. I really love the business. I am just so excited about this business. The key to my success is following your system step by step ... if one does ... they too can be like me! I can just go on and on and on!

I am swamped, today I have written 6 application, yesterday 4, Tuesday 3, and Monday 3. I was able to get voicemails and leave messages for both carriers! Andy, you are so wonderful, and I thank you for helping me! That's why you are #1.... Have a wonderful day, and weekend. I hope to hear back from them both today! Thanks!!!!!

Today's training session was wonderful. We are truly a lucky group of students to have such a wonderful teacher as you are. I feel as though all of your students will be successful, simply because we have #1 teaching us.
I just wanted to share with you, I now have my license! Very Exciting! Thank You for all your help, and support! 2008 will be a great year for the pajama man and crew!

I just turned my lead machine on for the first time, and went two for two. TWO APPS!! HOORAY!!

Andy, hope you had a good day. I just got back home and found an application in my fax machine. The monthly premium is $896.00. I LOVE my job, and I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate all you have taught me.
I wrote 2 applications yesterday, 1 today & working on a couple of others. The father of my clients that I have such a hard time with is VERY please that they were approved with Blue Cross with NO EXCLUSIONS! I am so glad that case is complete! Hope you are having a terrific day.

Andy I have written 68 applications in 6 weeks!

Joe B.

I am very happy ... many thanks for your inspirational leadership. I am SOOO glad I signed up.
Excellent investment!
Great session tonight, Andy. Really great!
Very very happy with your service. Would recommend it to anyone. To my knowledge, it is the only true internet opportunity with integrity on the net. The only one I have found, anyway.
warm regards,
Hi Andy!
Your TOD's are so helpful and inspirational.
Keep them up!
Hi Andy,
Your Training's Of the Day are so wonderful. Please keep them coming.  Thanks, Joe

joe b..jpg




Al W.

 Andy, "I am crushing it" with Life Insurance! Al


My dear friend,
I have learned so many great and valuable lessons from you in the very short time I have known you. That’s the truth. I believe I am one of your oldest students, that mean’s I have probably had more life experiences than most of your other students.
 I have met so many people in my life that claim to be one thing and turn out to be something else. So many times that leads to such disappointment, I see that especially in the martial arts world. But not you. You give so much! My life is better because of our association. My son Lee is the kind of son that every parent would love have and you are the kind of adult that so many try to be like. You are  a great example and roll model for all of us. So Andy, a heart felt thank you! Al

As always, I am very grateful for all you have done for me and I will ALWAYS support your school in any way I can. You are such a dear friend and brother.

Andy, I am so excited to be a part of your group

Andy, there is no question that there is power in numbers, everyone knows this. Most people don’t know this but MDRT is the TOP 6% of the financial services agents in the world. As a member of this organization I see and have seen the power that they are able to project in our industry. Qualifying for MDRT is no small feat. And as  NEW student, if there is room for me I would love to be a part of that…… Hope your birthday was a GREAT one…. Take to you later, Al Woods

You’re very kind and a real friend, thanks, Al

Really! You are a man of your word which is rare these days, and I know you are right when you talk about how to be successful in this business. I wrote an EIA today (made $4,000.00) . Thank you very much. Al

Discipline is the BRIDGE between Goals and Accomplishments.  Get in the chair that’s the discipline. We need to just DO IT!

WOW! Big A… FOUR bagger! Two life’s and two Assuring health…. Nice way to end a week! Have nice week end, Al


Craig K.

 Craig K.Andy,
I must take a few moments to thank you for meeting with me yesterday.  It was a whirlwind trip driving over and back and I am blown away by the fact that you opened your home and office to me, along with meeting your wonderful family, to include the newest member, the gecko.

Without any commitment on my part, I met with the man behind the web page.  You are as real and genuine as I had hoped.  I sense a ‘down to earth’ caring nature that is hard to find today.  I felt the pride that teaching brings to you. 

While we shared personal conversation, I realized that with your inspiration, knowledge and motivation—failure is not an option. While I am giving this decision the serious consideration it deserves, I am very positive about working with you.  I will be in touch. 

Mark C.
I am so blessed that God brought you in to my life. You have given me with so much more than just a business opportunity.
Warm Regards,
Mark C
Renee S.

 Renee S. Hi Andy,
I got your message, I was at a Chamber of Commerce meeting, and sorry I missed you!
Hope you're having a “Great Day”.
I have been on the last couple of nights, got on late but have really enjoyed the calls.  I like the way you run your business, I think that is the reason I was attracted to it. You do the right thing and believe in what you are doing. I really like the idea of helping people with buying the right car or buying the right insurance.  People buy from me because I develop relationships with them and they trust me! Your process is smooth because you believe in your product. I will not have any trouble with any of that.

Thank you for being something real that we can believe in. I looked at so many things that were not real. You are a very unique person, don't ever lose that! You have a true gift!
Thanks for all you do for us!
ps. I will talk to you soon, I will be in tomorrows class!  Have a great day!  I have 4 or 5 health insurance policies working and 3 or 4 life insurance policies working. So wish me luck!


Mike L.

 Mike L. Andy,
The e-mail you sent on your student's success is wonderful. I will be that kind of producer. Congrats to you ... The Master Teacher!
You are doing a great job. Thanks.

Darrell E.
Andy I was sure I made the right choice Friday when I sent my check now I know i did. thanks
Darrell E.
Sam F.



You are the best mentor, teacher, coach I have ever seen. I am excited about building the business with your direction.

Sam F.

Kay H.
You are an amazing mentor and you will be used as one by me - a lot.  Have a great weekend,
Kay H.
Terry L

Andy, I have written 16 applications so far!
Terry L.

Terry L.

Your an amazing teacher and I so appreciate you.

Thank You.

Terry L.

I Love this Andy.  I appreciate how you understand that we're all at different places in our lives.  You are such an inspiration! Terry L

Gary H.
Gary H.Andy,
I fully believe in you and what you are doing and I am glad I joined up with you.  I have learned a lot already.
Talk to you soon.
Brian I.
  Andy, I never expected so much activity! This is really makes me feel confident about my decision to enroll in your school.

You are worth every penney.
Got my first apps yesterday for United. A family of 6 and a single woman. Were on our way Andy.
Today I signed a 29 person group. It varies. If its any help, most of my clients get more than one policy with me.
Your one of the hardest working guys I know. 
                                                                   Sincerely, Brian

Donald C.
Donald C. Andy , I can clearly see that the training in our school will separate me from the competition. I know this because had we handled my families maternity health insurance plan the way you teach to handle maternity we would have paid $400 monthly instead of more than $800. The broker we had at the time did not help us the way I would now help a client of mine. Also in calling around to the competition, it also is clear that they do not use your techniques, or close, which clearly gives me a great advantage in my market. There is so much opportunity for us! Thanks.
Jim J.

Thanks again for the introduction.  I am excited about the potential of this ...

I just "booked" my first deal.  Husband & Wife age 62 on Cobra with some health & weight issues.  They were turned down by Aetna, Anthem, and Med Mutual but I found them a home with Summa Care an excellent carrier in my market.  Premium of $480. They thanked me several times for my efforts.
Also submitting another App today. Thanks again for all of your help and encouragement!
Jim J

I am building my business. Thanks for all your help. Jim
Jim J. and Karenna


Things are going great. I'm putting a lot of effort on life insurance...                  Jim J

Sandra C.

Andy Ross and Sandra C. Andy:
Wrote my first application. $284 premium. The train just took off from the station! Thanks for all of your help and guidance. You were a life saver for me! 
Thanks for a great call a moment ago.  I'm loving this already.  It's so nice to actually feel apart of the group and to have interactions with you and everyone.   I like your humor, your teaching style and look forward to each call.
Thanks for making me feel welcome!


 Andy Ross, The Pajama-Man
Hi Andy:
Thank you so much for having me over yesterday.  I have to admit, I was a bit nervous, but I was so glad to have met you. It meant a lot to me that you allow your students to come and see you and your set up.  I know you've got your hands full and time is precious, so again, thanks for taking a couple of hours out of your day to meet me and show me around. Stephanie is as nice as you always say she is. 
Looking forward to a bit of fun here in Vegas, then next week, really hitting the ground running and putting everything I've got into making this new venture work.
Thanks! Yoda, Jedi Master!

Thanks Andy!
I am so excited about this business. Like William said in class tonight, I'm living and breathing this business even as a brand new student.  And not because insurance is exciting. It's all you. The energy, excitement and confidence you have for yourself and for us is so contagious. My friends and family are saying "You've worked in the Film and TV industry now for years, and that's suppose to be an exciting business, but we've never heard you this happy or excited about that industry, what gives with the insurance?" I just tell them I can't nail it down yet, but I feel a weight lifted and I feel such support and such a feeling of belonging to something good and honest and real that it just breeds excitement. Thanks! I'll send you a progress report tomorrow on how I'm doing and where I am with things.
A gift from Sandra to Andy: Ball on the tee - the impossible task - I did it!

Hi Andy!! 
Hope you're doing well.  Things are great on this end.  Working away and keeping busy.  Doing both health and now life, so never a dull or slow moment.  I think about you and Joan often and hope you're both well.  Always reading the emails to see what new things you and the group are up to.  You are an Energizer Bunny Andy! 
May be in Vegas for the Madness Finals.  If so, I'll let you know. Sandra


Jackie S.

Jackie S.Good Morning I am starting to think you're a Genius!
I can't tell you how much I admire you. You are truly a MAN! I have so much peace about this endeaver, it is so truly amazing. God bless you my teacher and coach! Jackie S

Geoffrey H.

Geoffrey H.  Andy,
Happy Easter to you and your family, too! Thanks for creating the "Pajama Man" School - there are so many other "schemes" out there, so it's no wonder people are skeptical. But, no doubt, Andy, you're the real thing. I know with your help & guidance that I'm going to be sucessful.
There aren't very many (if any at all) other programs like yours that delivers results and is such a value for your investment. Here's to the rest of 2008 being a year of achievements and success for all PJ students (and you, too!)

My best month so far, including my biggest premium so far of $789/mo.
Geoffrey H

Eric R.

 Eric R.Andy, I was doing the math for the week  I wrote 4 apps this week, 2 signed on saturday, one will sign tomorrow, and the other is the 1st of October. The premiums were 403, 172, 184, and 353  totaling 1,112 x 20% = $222.4 x 12 months = $2668.8 x 52 weeks in a year =  $139,000/year . This is my first week and I am part time for the moment.
What you said all along is true "people love me" and the gratification for that is priceless. When I joined up with you it was only for the earnings potential. What I didn't know was the rewards for helping people. I LOVE DOING THIS. When I come on board with you i knew zero about insurance, in fact i couldn't even spell the word. This has been an incredible journey thus far and I am so excited about what the future has in store. A great big THANK YOU to you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you, sincerely,  Eric R
Andy, I just wanted you to know that it is awesome to know and deal with a person like you that is so compassionate and caring for others. It is nice to know there's quality people in this world. Have a good weekend. GO  BIG  BROWN!!!!,   Eric
Good evening Andy,
My girls are gone this weekend they'll be home tomorrow night. Outside of spending about 3 hours this afternoon with my mother I've been studying Pajama Man University.
Andy I am confident once I have got the ins and outs of the insurance policies down I will be unstoppable in this industry for you and me both. I am so excited about future in this business. I want to thank you again for working with me and really helping me out in geting started with you. The last 2 years of my life I've been knocked down and this has been a real breath of fresh air for me.

Eric R. Today my Mom told me that she hasn't seen me this happy in a long time and she wanted to know what has changed for me. That thrilled me to no end as she noticed that something good was going on for me. I did not tell her specifically what I am doing all I told her was I am taking an online course. So I guess what I am telling you is Eric Ritz is back baby and is not gonna be held back.
Just took first app for SLAICO  168 premium + $62 Fusion  Effective Feb 15th.. 62 year old woman was with MEGA payin $478/ month I am her hero  and  it  feels  good,  Eric

Tula & Mark P.
Classes are very interesting. Thank You for all your help.
Tula and I were on the training call earlier this evening. It was a good one!

Tula & Mark P. Tula & Mark P.
Steve H.
Andy and student Steve working together.   
Max D.


Andy, Thank you for the one on one training at your office. I had a great time with you and I am so excited about the business. I look forward to much success. Thanks again for all of your s006_6.jpgupport. Max D. 005_5.jpg
Jack C.

Another great class tonight.  I got my paper license today.  What should my next step be?  E/O? Appointments?Th Jack C.anks Jack C.

Annie S. & Jim S.

Andy thanks for all your support. I enjoyed visiting you and Joan at your home-office. Great time. Annie S. & Jim S.

andy__jim_s_2.jpg andy_s_jim_s.jpg pc241340.jpg
Tony M & Kelly B
Tony M and Kelly BAndy... we are so excited about getting our business going...it is great to be on board!
Mary C.
Mary C. 

By attending class, I find them uplifting, and I feel confident that I am able to do this business!
I also feel you are an excellent teacher. I have attended under-graduate, graduate school and I find you so much more engaging than my professors. I honestly feel that way. When I started I did not know what to expect or "what I was getting into." My expectations have been exceeded.  I am amazed at how involved you are with all of the students daily.
I’ve been busy and it’s great.  Originally I wanted to sell insurance part-time and gradually add some hours, but it’s a little addicting so I am working more hours than I planned.  I’ve written a lot of applications and already had some referrals.  For example, I wrote 2 yesterday and 3 last Friday.

Iʼm still going great, Iʼm writing 1-2 apps a day and Iʼm part time.
Thank you!
Mary C

Hi Andy!Business is doing well.  I’m still working part time, but I really enjoy what I’m doing.  I just wanted you to know that I love receiving your emails.   Please keep sending them.  Thank you!
Mary C


Eric R.
 Eric R.

GREAT! class last night. 
First thing I think about every day when I wake up and usually the last thing I think about before I go to bed. Hope all is well with you. Talk to you tonight in class.
By the way, I haven't said this enough, but thank you!  Not just for email responses, but for everything.
Andy,  It was good talking to you.
Here is my day so far...and I still have a couple hours left.  I wrote 3 deals, over $600 per month
in premium.
 If things play out, could have a 5 bagger today - and it isn't even
11:00 yet!  The only reason I am not sure is a couple might not apply
until the end of the week.  They already picked their plans and want
to apply, just might wait a couple days to do it. I have
teleconferences scheduled tonight w/3 of them to write their apps.
I am so busy right now I can barely keep up.  Not a bad thing in any
way...but wow.
Just thought I'd let you know.


Andy T.


Thanks again for all your help! Your the best!

Andy Toolson, Former Utah Jazz NBA basketball player guarding Michael Jordan.

David W.
David W.Hello, My name is David Whitlock and I'm new to the Andy Ross life-changing adventure career opportunity. I was looking for some type of income producing opportunity that didn't involve Corporate America and deep in the back of a magazine something caught my eye... it was the "Pajama Man" advertisement. I'm not sure what it was but I called and left my name.
Someone named Paul called me and was extremely polite and well educated in the business world.  Paul was the business agent for Andy Ross and he had my attention. I was very skeptical of any get-rich scheme since I've been exposed to a few that would cause me to be very slow with my due diligence. But something about Paul and the opportunity he described made me come forward to see for myself. After talking with Andy Ross I was convinced that this was the perfect opportunity for me and timing is everything. Where else can you buy into a franchise or a business for such a small price and get hands on training with an expert in the Life & Health field while you're studying for your license?
My wife heard me talking to Andy on my joining the business and she was still skeptical until she started listening in on the conference call lessons. She is now convinced that this could be our "golden ticket" without the tour of the Wonka Factory. The training classes by phone and the Pajama Man website have been more than I expected. Since I'm pre-test I haven't been too involved with call interaction but I listen to every minute that I can and make notes because one day it will be my turn. 
I try to envision myself as another Andy Ross in my own office setting using what I've learned from the training classes and website material to make $500-$1000 per day of income, oh yea, without burning any $3.00+ gallon gasoline.
Andy, thank you for the opportunity to work with someone that really makes a newcomer feel that you are special. And anyone that has been on top of your class as you have been for the past several years then we all understand that you need some time to "join in the hunt" so to speak and write a few apps. I know that you do offer a "free service" among many things you do but I also know that you are a concerned and honest person that will forego a dollar if the shoe doesn't fit the client. I like working with people that are leaders but most importantly honest Christian leaders. I look forward to many training sessions and personal phone conversations to get my business going and still think that this is the best buy for the buck anywhere. Since I don't wear pajamas I guess you don't have to worry about copyright infringement! 
May you and your family always be blessed by the Lord!
Gregory S.

Greg S. Andy, Tonight was a great training session. I heard you say so many things tonight that I will be able to incorporate into my style of selling. This is excellent training, now its UP TO ME to be a sponge and absorb everything you teach me. Greg

I just wanted to thank you. I am doing well with what I have learned from you. I am glad I have you as a mentor.
Greg S

Andy, I ve done over 5k in premium for a dec 1 effective date, that pays me $10,000. Thanks Andy
I love it. Always knew you were "a natural", like most of my students, I am so pleased you got on the horse. You left your job, and you took a chance. You bet on you, and me, and you win. Proud of you. andy
Great job everybody. I did over 5 THOUSAND inpremium yesterday. Let me repeat that. I did over 5 THOUSAND in premium yesterday. 2 groups and a couple of individual policies. Greg.

Ginger H.

Ginger Holmes Andy,
I had my doubts at first like anybody, but I checked you out completely... and Andy, you are the real deal.
I have been very impressed with your openness and how you have made the school curriculum easy to understand. You don't talk down to us, you are always available and you get the job done.
You are an "open book" to us and me. You welcomed me into your home like family.
I am a top producer, and have been in several careers. I needed a new vehicle, no one could have looked you and your school over more intensely than I did. I have found my last career and together we are going for the gold!
Merry Christmas, Andy, to you and your family! I love you and appreciate you! You are our "economic stimulus plan"!

We love you, our fearless leader! 

Nancy B.
 Nancy B.

Sounds like a plan. You are the best. We don’t need anyone else, but you.

Wrote 3 apps today. Not bad for my first few days! A family – started w/ 2 plans, one for toddler and one for Dad, 19 yo daughter and 22 you son. Ended up, son is 22 and not a student, so ended up having to break him out and put him on a separate policy.

Roman & Marianna K.
Roman K and Marianna I Just received all the paperwork from Tonya.  Andy I have to tell you something, I listen to you talk and one thing I always hear is "have your clients best interest in mind" it is so refreshing to here. I used to work for Pratt & Whitney and I was in a seniority group where everytime there was a layoff I was out the door. Then within a few months they would call people back. They never even thought about the lives they turn upside down by doing that, nor did they care, needless to say the last time they called me back I said thanks but no thanks. I even wrote to top managment one time, I had but one simple question that never got answered. But I think you answer it everyday. The question was, "can big business and human compassion co-exist" I think it can, and I think so do you. You have my respect.
Marianna, we are both Polish, we are both immigrants. I was nine when my parents immigrated to connecticut and that's where I lived until 2003 when we moved to Florida. my wife was 13 when they came to USA. Of course we both speak Polish. Our kids speak it also. Ever see the movie "My great big greek wedding" well thats us but Polish not Greek. Hope I put a smile on your face.
John U
  Thank you Andy!
Joe O.
okabe family.jpg
Hey I am really enjoying Pajama man web site! I feel that I have learned a great deal already.  Andy, your the best.....
- Joe O.  Jordan, me (Joe O), Kelli, and Taylor.
 Andy, Thank you for the help with the claims stories. 
 Best day so far, yesterday, 5 applications, YES!!! 
Joe O.
 Andy, I got 2 more signed up today. Joe
"Can you say BOOM again". Thank you!
Germain P.
 Germain P.

Hey Coach,
Thanks again for your tireless effort and giving everyone the opportunity to make a better life for themselves and their families, your a good man coach!
I was just listening to the audio session #078235324 (very good and insightful).
Hey Steve, Great accomplishment for Steve! I plan to follow in the same footsteps!
Hey Coach,
Just got done listening to another session -- great insight. I love it CoThanks Coach for everything you've done, for all the students, the more and more I listen to the library sessions the more confidence I gain. Just learn the playbook and execute!
Thanks for the words of wisdom, that's why all your students love you Coach!

 Great class yesterday I really enjoy the introspective portion of the lectures.  Thanks Coach for everything you do for me and the rest of the alum you're a god send!

I wrote a policy for $286 yesterday, family of four. Just the beginning!


Martha J.
Martha J.Andy,
I am looking forward to learning the program so I can benefit financially and make my families life better. Thank You!
Melvin L.

 Mervin L. Andy,

The system works! I am writing application after application!

They love me!

Just want to tell you how busy and successful I am.

Have so much to do!!
 I started out wanting to market Andy and the Pajama-Man program, and I was so impressed with what I was marketing that I became one of Andy's students. I am thrilled I have. I am writing application after application. The training and system Andy has provided me works, and has worked beyond belief. Thanks Andy, for being my coach, mentor and friend! I have so much to do and I love it!!

Well, it's 11:19PM and I just finished writing my second health Insurance application for the day and I only worked half a day. When I was a captive agent, I was lucky if I wrote three applications in one week! Your system really works my friend and your students are lucky to be here!

 I So Rock 

Bo H and Friend

Thanks Andy! ~ Bo

Hey Andy just thought I would share with a couple of people this week that became my clients said I sound more like a teacher than a salesman and they learned more in 1/2 hour from me than they did from all others in their lifetime. "great educator" thanks Andy.  Bo H


William D.


 William D.Andy,

Enjoyed the class tonight - you were very inspirational!


You are a wonderful person. I have learned so much from you since I joined PajamaMan. You have shown me genuine caring and love for your "fellow man" that is shown not only by words - but by deed. You are a great example for me to learn from in all aspects of life, not just business. I am blessed to be able to be "coached" by you!


I have recently started to work the "health side" of the business. I can tell you that by following what I learned in class, I am now writing 1-2 applications per day! If I do this for one year - and I will, my residual income will grow to $10,000 per month. Not bad for not leaving my house! I can't wait until I know what I am doing! The system works! If only I had more hours in the day ...


Yana A

To: Andy Ross
Subject: Great Class!!

I'm so convinced now that this is the right business for me! I'm so glad I found you!  Yana A.

From: Yana A
To: Andy Ross
Subject: from Yana

Best Money I've ever spent!

Subject: A Crystal ball?

I'm so amazed at how incredibly in tune you are to what's happening in our minds at any particular time. This speech right now is right on point! Did I tell you what a great investment joining you was?      Yana

By 2 p.m. I will have made $2,600 in commissions.   Yana A.
Dustin and Rochelle B.

Dustin  &  Rochelle B.

rochelle b..jpg Thank you for the referral today, that was nice.  Makes me feel special.  Boy, I'm busier than a one armed drummer!  I'm truly in my nitch, thank you!!!  :-)  Much love!
Rochelle B






Rochelle, Andy & Dustin 



Dear Andy & Joan,

Just wanted to send you a thank you note for the time you took with us last week and how much we enjoyed your help and tenacious tutelage! We look forward to learning more and earning $$!! Thanks to you!
Warmest regards, Rochelle and Dustin Andy, I just started and I have 4 applications in, 7 "in the hopper", and will write 2 tonight!! Very cool!! Rochelle Have a great day, Andy, and we are so glad that we joined your school!  It's been two months now and we say it probably every other day how much we are happy with your training.  :-)   R 

Business is busy.  6 applications I'm writing today.    Rochelle B

Hi!  Since the commission checks have been rolling in, Dustin and I have been confused on how to keep track of everything.
Rochelle B.

I sold 4 policies with Humana and I am thrilled to get a check for $1,500.  It's great.  Got a BOR for a lady's $300 Assurant plan.  Love those BOR's because are so easy and lucrative.

I love this, I'm so happy to have this new career, thanks to you.

Rochelle B.

I definitely vote you #1 agent, going out of your way to service your client.  If you ever need a reference I would love the opportunity to "sing your praises."

And of course, THANKS..   Rochelle B.

Hi Andy!
Hey, last week I did 7 applications and BOR's!  Yeah for me!!  ;-)    Rochelle B
Richard M.



Thanks you for all of your support.

I am so excited about the business.

Thank you for your help with my church group deal.

Thanks Andy...appreciate the candor.  We are learning time management skills by watching you.


Andy & Student Richard M. 

I just submitted my first health insurance policy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What an exciting day!  It is a group policy as well. This first policy will even pay for my training!!!  Wow!!!

I just want to say a big THANK YOU for all you've done to train me. Thank God for his goodness, and YOU for your  mentoring... I appreciate you!   Rchard M

Tracy J.
I couldn’t imagine having to do what you do “for the students” day in and day out….

I’m sooo excited about learning this and creating my business!  Tracy J.tracy_j_2.jpgtracy_j.jpg






Hi Andy,

I am not gloating, just sharing this as I believe this pleases you. I WROTE MY FIRST APP TODAY!

My goal was to write my first one before April 12th! I absolutely LOVE my new career!

Thank you Pajama ManJ

Hi Andy,

Well it’s day 4 of somewhat selling by the seat of my knickers, it’s been fun, I sound much better today than I did on Monday!  I just got off the phone with a lady ....  I laid it out and told what and why (thanks to you) and she’s in!  I love this!  I have 2 individual’s and 2 families plus 5 life insurance policies (4 are the children).


Jacklyn L.

Jacklyn L. Andy,

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to work with you and become a Pajama Girl (girl cause you are as young as you feel)! Chase and I are very excited; and plus I am really enjoying the classes! From what I have seen so far you have a great network working. I find it exciting and rewarding to see that you walk your talk! 

Thanks for doing what you do and make sure to thank Paul for the Marketing. I wouldn't have found you without it!

It was a great class today and I got some wonderful notes from it! I like you going over California. I have just been studying and attending class. The role play was really good today.

What a wonderfully beautiful family you have! 

Studying is going good!

I really enjoyed class last night and took some great notes! It was very informative and I am very excited about this opportunity! 
Today's class was exciting, and I am really looking forward to getting there!

Great! I enjoy the classes and have enjoyed you teaching from the website too! Classes this week were great! Lenny brings some spice to the classes. We have a great group! See you Monday.
Jacklyn L.'s family/friends
John M.

John M. john mdisneyjpg.jpgjohnmphoto.jpg








Thanks for your help. John M

I’m doing good. Studying, working my other business and waiting for my appointments to go through so we can fire this machine up!!!!! John 
Ryan D.
With you as my mentor I feel very confident that I will succeed. I have been in many mentoring programs and you have by far given the most in education, being there for me ... hands down you are the best mentor I have had or seen. You are the best because you care so much! Ryan D.
Ryan D. & Andy Ross
Joe T.

 Joe T & sonJoe T. Andy delivers - plain and simple! I was in search of a second career path and couldn't be more thrilled about my decision to join Andy's school. Nobody understands the world of health insurance better and can teach it to others as completely as Andy can. 

It's one thing being a top producer... it's a whole other thing teaching someone else how to be a top producer. And Andy is incredibly gifted at both. He teaches with a ton of energy and knows exactly how to pull his students to the top of the mountain. If you're considering a career in health insurance and want to learn from the best, then I highly recommend an association with - "Andy Ross, Mr. Health Insurance of Nevada!"

Your mentorship is appreciated more than you know!
Joe T - Owner/Broker


Joe T.

I have submitted 12 applications, moving the over-priced business deal (Inside and Out is their name) we have been speaking about to "individual" coverage. I am saving them a fortune and doing pretty good as well. It should end up being a 20 application deal. Thank you for the great strategy on saving the businesses at least 50%. This is a gold mine for us.
Thanks for everything,
Joe T. 


Being in the business for a long while.
It is refeshing to see the support you provide for all under your wing.
I always had to figure things out by myself which for me was not always the
best approach. You provide a real opportunity of learning
and excitement in the business I just want to say Thank You again.

Joe T.
Farmers Insurance Agent For 18 Years

Thank You Knute, you are a rock.  I loved it.  Monday is my offical start date.  I am a new student!
Wow it was great!
Joe T Owner/Broker

By the way I wrote 15 apps from that Outside Inn deal.
Thanks again,
Joe T


Thank you for doing what you do, and giving me an opportunity to change my career for the better for myself and my family!

You probably always have to answer questions, so I thought it might be nice to receive than have to give…

So THANK YOU and god bless you!


Karen P.

Dr. Beng Tran stopped by to purchase insurance for himself and his employees. Karen P, a PJM Student, flew in from Arizona to shadow Andy for the day to pick up tips of the trade. 











Karen P.

Hi Andy, I enjoyed listening in on the 3/17 class session! I am learning from and enjoying the classes!

Don M.

donm.jpg Andy,

You are the best.

Don M.

Good morning.  I have written applications with Humana and am getting referrals. Going well.   Don M.


Dana B.

Dana B.

Andy I am so excited about the business. I learned so much in our meeting at your home-office. This business willl be "easy" for me, as I love people, and love to help them! Your style is the best! Thanks again for sharing so much time with me today! Dana B.



You are a natural teacher, Andy.  I wish I had more instructors like you back when I was in nurses' training 39 yrs. ago.  Thank you so much!  Dana 

Jen D.

Jen D.

jen family.jpg

Here's a picture of my family from Christmas time.
 ~Jen D


Yesterday was my first day of selling! Sold $255 premium to a couple, this couple also wants dental. So I hope to have that sold to them by the end of the day today! Good day and hope to have many more!

Thanks Andy! Jen D.





 ~Jen D


Lori C.

fallon2clori2cbryan.jpg Good Morning Andy,

Thank you for taking the time to work with me, I really appreciate it.
I realize now, that trying to take shortcuts is NOT the way to go. Again, thank you.
I will work diligently to learn my plans and where to put clients and will be ready for Wednesday's call.
Thanks again!

Lori C - The Health Insurance Lady

Hi Andy,

Just wanted to let you know that I am working and making progress. I sold 2 life policies (1m/$1400 in commission, and 200k/150.00 in commission) this week, and one BC/BS policy at $377.00/mo. premium.

I also have taken over a small group that will convert to an individual plan through BC/BS effective 1/09 at over $1,000.00/mo premium.

I'm getting much more comfortable with the script and talking to people.

Thanks Andy, have a great weekend.

Lori C
Andy, I am "rockin' and rollin'" with Life Insurance. Lori C
Craig & Anne


First of all, thanks for your time and considerate manner when Ann and I had the opportunity to visit with you last Friday.We liked what we saw and heard, especially your concepts. 
Thank You. Craig W.  craiganne.jpg

Brian F.
I’m excited about the new product, even though I have limited knowledge of the industry this seems like an incredible opportunity!  I am fortunate that I joined the Pajama Man now, I feel great about my potential. Look forward to getting into the business.  Talk with you soon. Brian
I am so excited, and looking forward to making money.
Thank you for your daily support!
Brian F.

I have three Major Medical deals to close.
Plus, I closed my first Mini Medical, AIM on Saturday. BrianF.
Things are taking off.  Brian F.
I have struck gold! Brian F.
Great information you sent this morning. I will be implementing shortly. This will be a big "hit". Brian F.
Andy, I am writing applications, "hand over fist". Love it!! Brian F.

Andy, did you like the way I explained contracted rates?  Thanks for your outstanding education.  Brian F

Greg F.



Listening to your tapes I am growing a tremendous appreciation for you, your talents and most of all your dedication to your Clients. 


Greg F.


I am doing every good ... 2 more policies. Moving along.

Greg F.

 I sold 10 policies last week


Tammy R.V.
I am already impressed beyond measure! We speak the same language! I am loving the audio training already and am so excited to get started writing business!
Tammy R. V
Patty T.

Patty T.

Andy, Thank you for all you do! I Really appreciate you more than all you know.


With you behind me, how can I lose? 


Please keep up the GREAT work that you do.  You are a true inspiration, and I aspire to help as many people as you do some day!  


Tammy C.



I really enjoyed visiting you in your home office today. I am very excited about building my new business. Tammy C.





Wesley B.

wesley.jpg wesley_2.jpg






  Wesley & Andy

Andy, Have a great P and C application submitted. Wes

Hey Andy,

I got my first App yesterday!  Just a little one, but it nice to get that first one under your belt. Wes

Brian L

brian_and_robin_leib.jpgHello and good day!

One word for the library, WOW!    
Brian L


Morning Andy,

Again a great role-play call.  I'll get the Elephant digested one small bite at a time!
Brian L


Hey Big A,

I wrote another Assurant HSA tonight. Nice couple. Did a lot of educating, everything you have taught me so far. I feel good but know there is always lots more to learn and...I will not reinvent the wheel.

Talk with you soon.

Brian L.

Andy, productions for the week (it's early)

5 Health apps, 1 Life app, 3 PC

Brian L

Wrote another app today and I will write the mom Monday.  I really enjoy helping people. You can see how exc ited I am as I just started. 

Hope your day is going well.

Brian L.

I am “in the chair”.  Filling the pipeline.  Just sold an Assurant a few minutes ago, also sold 2 Blue Cross apps. I’ll get a couple more applications today.
Take care………you are the best!
Brian L
Susan V.



I love the classes! Looking forward to launching business soon.

Susan V.

Thank you.  I appreciate your kindness and compassion so very much! Susan
Enmar A.

Student Enmar A.
Just found out he is # 15 out of 4,000 agents in the United Select Producers Club!  Enmar thanks for letting us "post" your success!

THANKS AGAIN!!  Not just for the compliment, but for the information and help!

Thanks so much for mentioning me on the call, I heard my name, but couldnt chime in because I was on the other phone with a prospect. (I always listen to the class on a low volume speaker while working on writing more business)! Winners FIND a way to win and losers FIND a way to lose!
Enmar A.

 Business is going good.  Pipeline is filling, b-backs are coming in.  People I completely forgot existed are calling to buy. Enmar A.

$2800 in premium, saved client $1200 a month --- nice paycheck!! Enmar A.

 My first referral  and it's  from somebody that didnt even buy from me!!  One call close, took total of 40 minutes start to finish.  Nothing better than a 1 call close 8-)

Enmar A

Andy, Just wrote a deal for $1650, my largest to date! Enmar
Adam J.

adam j.jpgI’ve enjoyed our role plays in the library.  Good stuff!

 I am really enjoying your TODs and that mis-diagnosis story by Don was something else!  have a great day=) Adam


Andy, I've really been enjoying the audio recordings-- I want to be like a sponge and soak it all up so I can become a top producer, too!  Taking notes has certainly helped. 
Thanks for an amazing library, and for all of your support!
David C.

David C.




I had a great time visiting you at your home-office and I am very excited about getting my business going! David C.  _____________________________________________

  I’ve been studying the insurance test material all week as well as listening to your conference calls.  I’ve learned a lot so far on the calls.  You offer great advice.  You have a fantastic passion for helping others.  Your positive approach and commitment is contagious.  Thanks.  David C.



David C. with Andy


  Andy,Great guidance today – thanks!  You do a great job mentoring.  I appreciate your passion for being the best.We’ll get their. I’ll see you at the top. David ______________________________________________

  It's going well.
I'm converting a high percentage of my prospects.   Dave C.

Fran W.



Tuesday I submitted three apps , and all were approved the next day ... I also submitted three more applications yesterday!
I also have in the hopper two groups deals, a 40 person and 30 person group. I will earn a fortune on these two. I have a lot of confidence that I will get these deals, as I blew them out of the water with my "smarts". I love this business!!   Fran W.

 Andy,    I want to thank you for all of your support! I am building a multi-million dollar agency, that is "second to none". I will take my business all the way to retirement, and then some!

I love our relationship, and appreciate how closely you work with me insuring my success. My income is now over $100,000 a year, and I did this in "what seems overnight"!

 Andy, I am going "all the way", and with you as my mentor, coach, teacher and friend, there are no limits for me and my company! Andy, many many thanks! 







Joe L.
joe l.jpgDear Andy:
Thank You for welcoming me into your home, and into your life as The Pajama Man. I am glad I made the trip. It was my pleasure meeting you, and of course Joan.
Frenzied last minute preparations to put our home on the market next week are taking
nearly all my time and energy.

I look forward to working with you as you teach me the way to succeed as an independent insurance broker, following your proven system for success.
Best Regards,
Joe L

That was the best hour of class in my life. I learned a lot. I might catch on fire.  Joe L.

You are the best investment I've ever made. You're the real deal. I am thankful.   Joe L.
Just wrote a deal with a nice commission plus 100k life.  Joe L.

Jim M

 BTW, sold another today, and it may lead to the guy's boss (business owner), and 2 other employees. They are all paying an arm and a leg with Blue Cross!!  I can give them the world for about a third of what they pay now!!!

Jim M

jim m and family.jpg

 Compelling phone messages work!!

Received a call back this morning from a 48 yr old single female who told me she received 2 or 3 other calls, but she called me back 1st because the message I left was "intriguing" and said something more than "I want to give you a quote."

That felt really good to hear. Such a simple thing, going such a far way!! What do you think happened nest...:-)


Jim M.

P.S. - To answer the above, I just faxed her the app for signatures!!

Michelle S.

Michelle S.

michelle s.jpgmichelle s1.jpg










Rob (My Husband) and I doing some of our favorite things:
Harley Davidsons (the one I am sitting on is mine!)

I am loving this....spending most of my free time studying, working on slotting, perfecting pitch,etc.
THANKS for checking in.  I appreciate that a lot.


Joe L



Good AM Andy,
I am excited about the possibilities that hard work, determination, knowledge and a little self produced luck can bring to a motivated person in this business. You do a great job spelling out the realities in the life of a successful health insurance broker and the sincere passion you have for your students' success is truly admirable. Thanks for your interest in all of us.  Joe L.

You're the Real Deal.  Joe L.
John T. with Miami Dolphin Larry Csonka





Very excited about building my business with you.  I plan on being a top producer.         John T.

Hey Andy!
I wrote 2 apps for ING Life Insurance yesterday. One was for 10 year term $150,000 and another for a 20 year term $500,000.  I also took an app from a woman who called me during your lecture; 55 years of age. Hope your having a great day!   John T


Hi Andy,
What a day!
I just wanted to share with you how this business can suprise you and the deals can just roll in at anytime.
Today, I started with moving my office into a designated (office only) part of the house.  I just couldn't perform the work
needed to be done in such a small space and I just grew out of it.  I had one client that was sceduled to call me about her ING Life Insurance
App. but that was all the business I expected today since I was busy re routing telephone, Hi Speed Internet lines, and moving office furniture.
My appointment called and we completed the Life Insurance App. She then said that she was going to refer me to one of her
friends because I took care of it all and made it so easy... Then Boom!  I get a call from a person who is fed up with Assurant and is paying out the
rear end on there HSA.  Then I educated him a little and told him about the new Brokerage Account you can obtain through setting up an HSA
with me and Boom! I get the BOR and then perhaps the United HSA 100 in the future.
Andy, it fells like I actually did nothing to get the business today because most of it was spent in setting up my new office..
I love this business and I can't thank you enough for teaching me the business.
Once again thanks..    John T.

Sheila S.


 Hope you having a wonderful hump day! ~ Sheila S

Keith A.

Just did a $300K life insurance with ING. Easssssssy!!!
Keith A.

Very exciting indeed! Wrote an HSA, a Sierra, a temp policy and 3 dentals - and I barely worked!  The medicare supp stuff looks great also - and I can do in NJ which is excellent.
Keith A.

Andy, thanks for everything you've done and continue to do for us, your students. I, for one, love you right back! Thanks for the inspiration. Keith A.

Glad to be part of such an amazing group of people.  I very much look forward to getting going as it is now around the corner.  Thanks Andy
Keith A.

Hi Andy, just submitted my first application. 56 year old female Humana HSA. Love it!!   Keith A.

Hi Andy, if you just read the paragraph below you will see how lost this woman is.  Just by caring about her and serving her I am going to get an application from this.  Thanks for your wonderful tutelage! As you always say, "knowledge is truly power" with us!   Keith A.
Hi Andy,
Worked on a very difficult group policy that included a 41 year old pregnant female. Insurance company staff were a great help and the group was accepted...meaning I will earn over $1000 for the deal plus residuals. 

In addition, I wrote a HIPAA policy, a child policy, and a 61 yr old policy. Should write another today with two others waiting in the wings.  The preg women's fiancee is with a group of DJ's who need insurance.  Pipeline filling!  Keith A.
Jason H.

Jason H. Hey Andy...
thanks for a great 5 hrs yesterday...I am focused and ready for this...appreciate your time and your energy...played TPC at the canyons early this morning ...shot a 70...great time....I look forward to my first week...even though it is just beginning with the test studies...talk to you soon. Former Professional Golfer, Jason H.

Hi Andy,
I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for your hard work, dedication and for going above and beyond what is required of you. I owned and operated a Mr. Sandless floor refinishing franchise for 3 years before I finally sold it. What's amazing to me is you provide far more in terms of marketing than they ever provided. I hope every student can really appreciate how incredible you are!

I can't even tell you how excited I am to be with you! Thank you!   -Jason H.

Jim B.
You are more of a blessing than you will ever know!
Jim B
Steven M.
Thanks for your support!steven_m.jpg
Gail B.

Gail B. Andy,

Just taking a moment to say "thank you" for all your support. It feels really good to know that you are always there with your knowledge and encouragement. I look forward to each day of continued learning for ways of helping people with insurance needs. However, because I know I am not truly alone and always have you at the gate to guide, assist, and share your experience and suggestions, I would just like to stop and say THANK YOU for all of the above in my new journey.

Gail B.

Pam, Heath & Haley G.


Marie B
I launched today and took calls for 2 hours ....... Well, I WROTE MY FIRST AP - it is a mother and daughter.  I could not believe it myself.
And to add icing to the cake, I also have a lead that I spoke to that wants group coverage for his business with four people.  I told him we can look at it two ways  - quote as a group and quote them as individuals - he was thrilled.  He and I will speak later on.  All this is 2 hours!!!
When I was hesitant on the call all the training and role plays made me reach for the words that made the sale.  I felt like I had so much info and preparation to draw from.  Yes!!
Thank you for your support, Andy.  I am aiming for even better results tomorrow!!  I cannot thank you enough...
Best regards,
Marie B

Thanks so much---you are a great coach and teacher. Marie B
Gary P

I’ve been selling insurance since the ‘70’s and it is like a breath of fresh air to come across someone like you, Andy, who is so sincere. The talking points that you have in the library have already proven to work for me, and I’m a new student.  I  left 5 phone messages for prospects and I received 4 return calls. That has never happened to me before. That alone is worth becoming a student, BUT there is so much more. 

I am also amazed at the volume of information in the school library. Finally, I also love the classes. It is well worth the investment.  I am very happy that I was able to find this and get in on it.   I will grow my residual income without limitation. Gary P.

John S
I couldn't have done it this without a Great Coach!!
Have a great weekend,
John S

Not a bad start for a part-timer. I currently have 10 clients.
Individual health insurance 5
Life insurance 3
Accidental and Critical Illness 2
John S

Norm D.
This one is for you:  This is what makes you special.

The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains. 
The superior teacher demonstrates. 

The great teacher inspires.
- William Arthur Ward
Norm D
Rene C.

Hello everyone, I just sold my first STM.  a male, 32 years old.  Monthly premium apprx.$145.  The process was relatively easy.  Just make sure all names match.  I have sent the link to 2 other people who are also interested.  A family of four and a woman 50.  Thanks to all of you for your tremendous help and encouragement.
Best Regards, Rene

Hey Andy, I wanted to tell you about a case I have been working on since last week.  I sold two health insurance policies to a couple (he's 43, she's 40)  to keep things affordable we went with a high deductible.  They were worried about their out of pocket exposure so we also went with Assurant's accident insurance ($22 per month) and an Assurity critical illness plan ($34 per month for $25,000 or $60 for $50,000)  They now have all their bases covered.  I offered to review their life insurance needs and they jumped at the opportunity because they felt under-insured.  They have one policy for $250,000 and were paying $74 per month.  I got them each $500, 000 for less than what he is paying now for his single policy ($500,000 for about $68 for him and $500,000 for about $35 for her.)  Your idea of cross-selling is pure genius.  Your pipeline approach is wonderful, people seem to feel better when you can save them money on health and provide low cost alternatives. We do not "pressure", we just "educate" for a living.  This is the way to go for me.  Thank you for all the ongoing training and support.
Your Friend, Rene C
P.S.  How about those "fins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Got another one! Family of four for $320! They are very happy with the coverage and the savings!
Rene  C

You are an excellent teacher...thanks for all you are doing
Rene C

Hi Andy, I launched live on Monday, and I wanted to tell you that I have sold one family plan for $627 and that lead also wants me to do a whole life policy for dad and term life for mom.  I am also working on a family of 4 and one employee, but she is still thinking about keeping her Aetna policy.  It has been interesting because I have had to basically translate all our key points into Spanish, which has been a great experience.  Thanks for all your wonderful help and advice.  None of this would have been possible without you and your staff. 
Sincerely, Rene C.
Hey Andy, I just wanted to let you know that after 3 full weeks I have submitted $31,000 dollars of life insurance business and one annuity for $50,000, which means that I have made about $19,000 in commissions for January.
Best Regards
Rene C.
Herman H

herman h with wife and daughter.jpg


I am doing great! I am learning a lot from your information that you send out daily as well as the information in the library.  I have some great deals in the "hopper", and the building process is happening.

Talk to you soon Andy.


Herman H.

Joe M.

I have been with you for only a week and you have already over-delivered!   Joe M. 

I wrote 4 BOR's and 4 major meds the last few days. I have been tied up so I did this working only a few hours.

All I do is say what you have taught me. It is "unreal".
Thanks for all you do!   Joe M.
Scot G.
I strive to have the focus and drive that you have. What a great school and a great teacher/mentor to have with this awesome business!!!!  Thank you;  Scot G.
Ron B.
Thanks for being a great motivator and for the great content.  You are superb at what you do.
Ron Brett
Tino M.
Hey Andy,
Just wanted to let you know I wrote a nice deal today off of B leads and 8 pretty good ones in the hopper including one uninsurable. I can see the cream rising and that is with me working only the B leads.    
It's getting exciting.  Tino M.
I wrote 3 applications Monday and have 21 in for the month. You are always there for me.  Tino M
John H.
Hey Andy,
I will say you are NOT just teaching me the insurance biz but life lessons and a proper ethical system. You are awesome!   --John H.
Chris K.
Hi Andy,
I know this business is for me!  Love what I do and really look forward to having a small, but strong agency.  I still have lots to learn, but know that you have helped me tremendously.

Lastly, Packers or Steelers?  What a great Superbowl this looks to be.  Two tremendous and storied franchises.  I'm torn, but have to say I am leaning towards the Packers and their former PAC-10 Quarterback.  This should be great!
Best Regards,   Chris K
Tammy S.
Thanks Andy  happy holidays to you and your family too.  I am doing well in Med Supplements .. I am also doing some major med here locally as well.

It is growing steadily.  I really like helping others. I have also  invited to the local “Elks Lodge” for seniors bingo to present med supps to the 150 seniors that frequent there and offer them help.  I have been going to local senior events as well. And  they all refer me like crazy…..just like Chris predicted. 

Thanks for the Illinois referral today, she was able to help the room mate of one of my little ladies who is in the hospital without a med supplement and really needed help.

Happy holidays to all !
Tammy S.
Gerry L.
Hi Andy,
I just wanted to share some progress with you.  Monday I submitted my first application for a single female in her 30's.  In my pipeline I have a deal for a couple in there early 50's that currently are with Aetna and have a $1,500 montly premium!  The wife has had some back surgeries within the last 5 years.  However, that premium amount really amazed me.  Even with the surgeries its had to imagine that they should be paying so much.  I'm betting we can get that premium cut by a minimum of 50% if not more.

Also .. plan to add P&C to the arsenal of products. I really like the idea of being able to cover all aspects of my customers insurance needs
Gerry L.
Ambre M.
First few hours working, already, wrote 1 App from the very first lead and ended up with 3 individual Apps from the 2nd lead, husband, wife and adult son! Tons of leads and business in the "hopper" already. As you say Andy the demand is incredible , business everywhere I turn!
Super excited to keep building the pipeline and money pad......YOU ARE ALL THAT YOU PROMISED AND MORE---thanks Andy!
Ambre M.

Andy -
Wrote 3 more today!
Ambre M.
Peter & Maria S.

Andy-we appreciate all that you do for us and are super excited about this business!  Thank you for taking care of everything for us yesterday.  Once again we are blessed to have you as a mentor.  Enjoy your weekend!
Maria and Peter

Thank you Andy for a great email this morning & a great class today!  We are blessed to have you  our mentor in this business...we can not thank you enough !!  Peter & Maria

Hi Andy!
The pipeline is building and it's getting exciting!  Wrote anther app through Golden rule yesterday and we are set up to write two more apps this afternoon! and one life app on Saturday morning  With Peter home and working this business full time, it is a whole lot easier for us to "tag team" the business and our young family!
Thanks again for your incredible support!  Have a great weekend!  Peter & Maria S

Hi Andy!
Things are going great!  Spent several hours on the PJM  SYSTEM today & talked to a ton of people, filling the pipeline.  Sold two policies this morning & one this afternoon!  
THANK YOU!!!  The future IS bright!  Peter & Maria S.
Had another great day! 3 applications ! We are "crushing it"!  Everything you have told us is coming true!
Many many thanks,  Peter S.
Jennifer S.
I have been able to log onto PJM library and enjoying the best training that I have ever been experienced here!  Thanks again, Jennifer S.
Chad C
Hey Andy, I wanted to tell you that I got the deal with the smoker I was talking to you about yesterday. $393 monthly/ Aetna 5000.
Thanks!  Chad C
Bill L
I wanted to update you on what I am working on. I have 7 life policies, 3 health and 2 group policies that I will be brining in.  Bill L.

Ludwing D.
Wow!  You are a machine and a blessing.  My 2nd full wk.  Closed 3 deals in wk one... $1k in commissions. 
Ludwing  D.
Sean S.
BTW just submitted my 3rd application. Thanks
Sean S.
Jerry S.
Great class!
I never get sick of hearing your voice!
You are Moses leading your flock to the promised land!
Jerry S
Celeste M.
This morning's class ROCKED! Thanks!
Celeste M.
Lance B.
I was jazzed by the conference call today. Great stuff! Can't wait for the day I have the confidence in this biz you have. Love the energy you create. Lance B

You are truly the great communicator and a perfect role model for what we do. Thanks for all you do and your commitment to your students. Lance
Ron C.
Hi Andy,
I am so excited that I had to jump in the chair and start making money. I figured I got to get in the pool and swim. I have learned a tremendous amount being in class everyday. I wouldn't feel confident about taking this step if I had not had the preparation you've provided.

I'm working the phones today and the rest of the week. I have already received three responses back today and am working up proposals with them. Not bad, first day in the water and already working on 3 leads. Take care, Ron C
Kevin C
Andy -
I can clearly see where the money is and the tremendous opportunity that you have developed. It feels great to be part of such an extraordinary team! Thanks for all your support and patience.
Regards, Kevin C
Susan L.
I'm so happy. As you know Andy, my passion to impact the environment in a positive, life-changing way has been realized fully now as I've made the transistion into a fulltime roll as a Pajama -Woman. I am so proud to have virtually NO negative impact on the planet as I function through my day to day. To be self actualized to a realized defined empowerment, is both liberating and an accomplishment we should all be proud of.
Susan L
Brandon H.
I am here for class 5/27/10 pm. Andy, this class has really unlocked a door for me. I have always struggled with how to approach the issue of confidence when faced with a person who is entrenched with a negative viewpoint based on ignorance and how to deal effectively with that issue. This class has shown me that I do not have to apologize for my desire to help people by using insurance as a vehicle. To be honest I held some of these misconceptions about the insurance industry myself.   Thanks,  Brandon H.
Joe J.
I’ve been working on the major med cheat sheets and I am pumped at how much I have learned.  It has been fascinating how best plans change based on age, gender and smoking.

I have been able to identify the two major health insurance player in ..... and what they can do in each situation.  I am light years smarter than I was two days ago and actually believe I will soon be able to show the plan, reason and benefit to any and all callers.  I may be a big nerd when it comes to numbers but this just clicks.

I am excited about my future and my association with you and the school.

ps – you may have created a monster!

Alan S.
Your classes this week have been excellent, and I can't wait to get my feet wet.  You are an outstanding teacher, and motivator! I really couldn't be doing this without you.
Thank You!  Have a great weekend,  Alan S.
Cory H.
Wrote my first app on Saturday! Health plan, Life Plan and Dental!
Thanks for all your advice.
Thank You;  Cory H
David D.
Thanks Andy
We're haven a great experience working with you guys... Yall (Texan for all of you ) are so good at what you do.   David D.
Susan M.
I very much enjoyed your classes this week.  As a new student, I've learned so much!  Every word you said was interesting and informative.  Today when you spoke of your dedication to helping students and spoke about your background, I was in tears.  I also thanked God that I found your website and found you - because after a few terrible years for us - I finally feel like this is where I need to be.  You certainly are teaching teachers to teach!  And I'll bet that everyone around you is like you, too.  I also can't wait to help people.  You make me feel so proud .  Before meeting you, I never looked at "insurance" and insurance brokers in this way.  Now I see it in a whole new light.  I always think I should be studying to complete the exam but I so much enjoy your classes and afterwards I am so pumped!  I find studying is easier. Thank you! Susan M.
I was able to listen to your classes Thursday and they were just great.  I learn so much from you.
I think you speak for the majority and for the intelligence of America.  And you follow the Golden Rule.
It's always great to hear you speak of your dad and family. You give lots of life lessons besides insurance lessons.  Thank you again, Andy.  Susan M.
I am overwhelmed by your generosity and support.  I truly did not expect it, but after a second, I realized this is who you are.  That's why you're such a great teacher and a great person!  
Until then, blessings on both you and your family, Sue M.
Eric T.
I really enjoy class. I feel you do a great job in training your students. Thank you for being a great mentor.
Sincerely,  Eric T.
Lisa M.
I'm listening to your intro lesson #1 (at the same time logging my hours at 52hours) and I just have to say I appreciate many things about your course already!  1.  You care about the clients and what is best for them and not ripping them off -- VALUE  2.  You don't assume anything about a student, you start from the beginning (ie this is a football) and you repeat yourself, which is GREAT coaching.  Lisa M.
Bern P.
Andy – THANK YOU!  I appreciate your comments & critiques.  Bern P.
Sue M.
Thanks for your encouragement in class today.  As a teacher I understand and respect your deep involvement with your students..it is the major reason I was attracted to your website.  Working in the insurance industry was never high on my list, but when I discovered the Pajama Man School, your philosophy and love for your students changed that....for it really isn't about insurance ...it is about caring for people... and insurance is just a way to do this. I LOVE IT!!

So again, thanks, Andy.  Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing and thanks for kicking our "posteriors."  Sue  M
Bridget C.

Hi Andy,
I really enjoyed this mornings class. It was great. I love the way you change it up a bit by talking about whats going on in your life.  I also love your humor.
Thank you Andy for allowing me this experience and opportunity. You are truly a Godsend. Bridget C.

Tim D.

Dear Andy Joan & all the Staff
for The last 3 weeks Ive been a student of the greatest sales and marketing training I have ever experianced
I have been in executive level Sales & Marketing Positions  for the last 20 years
 The way you microscopically desect and feed me as your student your Extremely detailed approach and vast Knowlege of the insurance industry
Your energy and passion Makes Learning  fun challenging and exciting  so I find myself retaining more and its because of the amount of energy and Passion you put into every lesson and one on one sessions.
Thank you for helping me change my lifestyle and career
I must say I was a bit sceptical you know the pajama Man :) lol
  I giggled but this is one of those times that you give more than promised..
 you are a man of great integrity and a master of your craft
Thank you again for allowing me to be part of your group
I will work as hard as you do If i can ;)
Best Wishes
Timothy D.
Student of an awesome school

The last two months have been the best of my life.   Tim D.
I just wanted to tell you that I sold 2 aetna policies since i spoke with you this morning  this business is GREAT.  Thank you so much for all your support
Tim D.
Hi Andy,
This truly is a one of a kind program!!  You Truly have artistic marketing skills "awesome"
can hardly wait till it starts :)
Best Wishes
Tim D

Andy -
I am so excited! Wrote two deals over the weekend in health. Earned a quick $2,300 that I will see in June! Also wrote 3 in p and c. Not bad.
I love the business. All systems are working so well for me. My goal is to be # 1.
At my age it is great to know I have a career that will take me to retirement. I love sending you progress reports.
Thanks "And", for everything.
Tim D

Hi Andy,

Here's an update on my progress as of today.  In my first two weeks, I have sold 5 P&C policies and am workng on 9 more policies, 4 Health and 5 more p&c policies :)  Tim D.

Andy -
Business is cranking. Wrote two more this morning with UHC. Commission is about $1200.
Tim D.
Andy -
Wrote 4 policies Friday.
Earned $3100 last week in commissions.
Tim D
Nico D.
I attended my first class this morning. Very impressive. Student Don M was excellent. I took a lot of notes.  Nico
Frank G.
Just wrote an application for a family of 5 with Aetna. Commission is about $800. Thanks for our talk Friday ... "it worked like a charm".    Frank G

I wrote another 2 apps today.  Frank G
Andy -
I was able to move this client, "where they belonged" . I helped them, and they helped me! I am happy I called you and asked how to handle this one. We are "sooth sayers", just as you preach and teach! $341 premium over $700 in my pocket plus residuals.
Thank you again for all of your education, in the past I would have just let that e-mail (prospects) go not knowing where to turn.   You're the best.   Frank G
Jim W.
I am extremely busy and have 4 deals in the works to close today,  wish me luck !   Jim W

Gene A.
"I'm real excited to start a new life here. Thanks for the opportunity"!
Gene A.
Mike H.
I am writing 2 apps today, one life (term ROP) and one health (HSA). I have a promise of another husband & wife HSA ... and 3 more in the hopper.     Mike H

Randy B

I'm doing very good. I got 9 apps in already,  the pipeline is getting full and I can see alot coming in the next couple weeks. Thank you so much for your diligence in teaching the things that make the difference.
Randy B

I am doing great! This was my first month. I am at about 20 apps for November. I'm seeing the momentum build and really building the pipeline.      Randy B

I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your training. Everything you said has happened as you said it would. This is my third month to be doing this full-time. I will have over thirty apps this month and over $10,000 in commissions. Things are taking on a life of their own just like you said. People are also referring their friends. I'm just keeping the pipeline full and building relationships by being an educator not a salesperson. I could never have done this with out your help.  Thanks!  Randy B.

Dave R

I  wrote two apps today for Health. 1 app for life insurance and on P @ C , an application  with 2 home and autos, and an application with just auto.  Also, will be closing two 4-man groups later this week.. One will be converted into individual plans, and the other will stay as group.

The hopper  is popping... phone and emails just keep coming... feels good. 

Best Regards, Dave R
I just want to thank you, last week I wrote $23,000 in monthly premium and $47,000 this week (annual premiem)!
Dave R
Thanks for all your help.  By the way, been busy and doing great.  Can you believe it has been a year since I started with you Andy, and still going strong and Making  Lots of Money every day!!
Best Regards,  Dave R.
Jeff H.

19 in the pipeline.   Jeff H.

I wrote three this morning!  Lovin this... Jeff H.
Thought I would update you on my progress.
1st month...$329
3rd (so far)..$2,358
Jeff H.

You are the absolute best!
Jeff H.
Emilio E.


Hope you are doing well - I am averaging one contract per day but, I have quite a few in the "pipeline" as you like to call it.  Your system works -     
Thanks Andy.

Emilio "Milo" E.

Six A leads turned into $4285.00 in commissions (Term life insurance policies with ING) - major fist pump - done in 6 days.
Emilio E.

You are a life coach - you may not realize it but you help us to become better people. Every time you encourage someone, you are nurturing the future of our business.  We help people live much fuller lives and that is no small feat. You are truly a hero in my book and I use that word sparingly (I am a proud combat veteran). You, are a very good man - I would have liked to have met your father.
Emilio "Milo" E

My previous occupation would have never allowed me to take advantage of the opportunity to serve in the capacity that I now can.  I am a Patriot Guard Rider - I ride my beautiful Harley along funeral processions that honor the deaths of fallen military heroes.  I was shot in the ass (don't think that didn't hurt) during desert storm but I am alive to be with my wonderful wife and family - I am so happy that I found a new career that will allow me to support my family and allow me the flexibility in my schedule to contribute to the people in the community that I will serve - thank you Andy - you are a God send.

PS - I have a ride this coming Tuesday for a fallen veteran - God bless his family.

Emilio E.

3 deals yesterday !

Thank you so much Andy!!!!!! 
you are much more than a mentor -
you are a friend!!!!!!
Warnest regards,
Emilio "Milo" E Jr., Ph.D., M.A., ARRT(N), CRT

There is so much "meaty" information in class - fabulous stuff... I get more excited about my new career decision after each training session... Emilio E.

Thank you so much Andy!!!!!!  
you are much more than a mentor -
you are a friend!!!!!!
Warnest regards,

I spoke to a friend of a friend that owns a used car lot - he does not like his insurance broker and is willing to give me a shot at it - he sells about 20 cars per week and I can be their preferred insurance provider - good deal.  Everything you have taught me is beginning to pay off in a big way.  I owe you a lot and appreciate you more than you know.
Emilio E.
You have done a great thing for me and I truly do appreciate you. You have the perfect combination neccessary to attract and keep customers and that is the name of the game.
Emilio E.
Saturday is a "SUPER DAY" for me!  
I am so blessed to have you in my life - you are my personal angel.
Spencer D.

Andy -

I am amazed and impressed by your school, it's training and you! I swear you work 20 hours a day (atleast it seems like that).  Spencer D.

Aaron B.
I thank you with all my heart. I asked God for a change in my life less than a year ago and he pointed me in your direction!  Thanx...Aaron B.
Tom M.

It was a pleasure getting started today.  The conference call was great--you made many good points and strategies - I have much to learn.  I appreciated your points about "closing the back door" and "We address the individual needs". I will be studying into the night and will be on the call in the morning. 
Great stuff!!   Tom M


This stuff gets better and better.  You  offer a fantastic product / service-amazing!  Tom M

Andy -

Another fantastic tribute to the value you offer, Andy.  I don't know if you heard me when I explained to Joan that I believe your school to be worth so much more than the $5,000 tuition.  Your heart and motivation as teacher / mentor shines clearly every meeting--and that is something money can't buy.  Tom M

Steve P.
In my first week I have written 7 applications.  I also have a lot in the pipeline. I have done this working part-time.   Steve P.
Gary A.
Wow, it's been a crazy week and only Wednesday! I have four policies ... in 6 days, already have over $2,300 in orders. Pipeline is a LOT fuller than I'd expected as well in my first week! I'm very excited!  Gary A.
Tyrone K
Hey Andy,
Thanks so much. I am getting very very comfortable being "in the chair".  I have 2 more applicatons coming in today. This is truly a blessing to me because I want to not only be financially free but to get away from the corporate wear and tear. I thank God for coming into contact with you and the pajama man school and have a very exciting 2010 in store. Thanks so much. Tyrone K
Hey Andy,
Much love from Tyrone in Louisiana. Got a group and a family of 3 to write thanks to you sharing your knowledge.
Tyrone / LA
Jim K.
I just wrote my 3rd app this week. Exciting!!
Just wanted to share my excitement.
Thanks, Jim K- Illinois
Jimmy E

Business is good and exciting.

Jimmy E

Deborah T.
Hey Coach Andy,
Now to answer your question. Just logged on to check emails.  Studied all day Friday in the Library. I just can't get enough of the wisdom God has given to you to obtain wealth! You are so full of God's anoiting, it just pours out of you like water. And I'm drinking every drop!  Deborah T.
Joe G.
I know I have said this before and I want to say it again...
I am so grateful that you and your program has come into our lives. You have changed my views on life for the positive forever. I know that if it is to be, it's up to me and I appreciate your continued support.
I hope that your Holidays have been wonderful.
Thank you,  Joe G
Theresa & Greg S.
Hi, Andy.

I completed a $600/month application for a couple in Kansas City last evening.  Greg wrote a $200/month individual application last night.  Pipeline is filling!  Our warm market is also heating up quickly!
Theresa and Greg S
Hi, Andy.
 Wrote one UHC application for a family of 5 for $359/month.  The client referred me to his buddy who was seeking insurance.  I wrote that application for $149/month with UHC.  I have a family of 3 from the 2nd lead who is very interested and will follow-up with them on Monday.

Not bad for an afternoon's work!
Teresa S. 
Tee D
Thanks, Andy, for making this possible for all of the students who have come through your school.
 See you at the top.
Tee D.
Butch B.

Andy, I just wanted to share my first week, actually turning on the business.  This is just working it @ night and on Saturday. I am very pleased.  No telling how many leads that will coming in that’s been looking … I am Thrilled!!
Thanks. I am going to be number one. Thanks to Andy!!!

Hey Andy,

I am having a blast. I love helping people. Love the system. Thank you and keep the information coming.

Andy,Two more apps "closed" since I e-mailed you earlier today.  My e-mails to prospects are very powerful, utilizing the key words you have taught me. With my "crazy" schedule, I can only imagine what will happen when I go "full bore".Thanks again, Butch

Received my first referral this morning from one of the ladies on her way to work.   She said that there are over 350 people at this factory that they are going to recommend me for their insurance needs.  You just never know, who the next client is going to be ….. Butch


"I just want to thanks you"! I wrote 3 more applications today! This thing is snowballing on me! Thank you so much for the opportunity!! Butch

Your training of the day is a good idea. Just last week, I quoted health insurance for a man that moved from Virginia, His forte was financial advisor/retirement. I helped him with his 33 year old son that was epileptic. He was so delighted that I had options, for his son. I am now his referral man for Health Insurance.

You just never know the next opportunity awaiting.

Alysa J
The audio library on recorded classes are great-I am finding them very helpful!
David J

All the information so far has been extremely helpful and I am confident that as my product knowledge expands and I am setup with the companies, I will be a most successful producer.
David J

I also want to add Andy,  I think that you are a tremendous teacher and trainer and the system you have created is awesome!  I just need to connect the dots!
David J


Dan S.
Andy, our catastrophic plan nice to fall back on, plus great referrals, local realtor and friend thinks I'm the insurance GOD for finding this plan, biggggg boy would not get approved anywhere, 16 monthes on ex-wifes Cobra, $399 to $276, good place to put people off of HH that you think need more catastrophic coverage, Thanks Dan S
Pat K.
pat kogelmann and family.jpg
Mark & Connie W.

Andy you are a very conscientious individual, to call me on a Sunday. I have 6 deals written already. I have 15 on my money pad. I have 15 more people to go after today!
We are excited, and love the business! I love your support, and appreciate what you do for us! Andy you are "our insurance policy". I needed you to put this together for me. We are rolling! The paychecks are coming in! Andy, we are "part time", as I earned $375,000 in my fulltime job last year! This will replace my fulltime job!
Mark and Connie W

Great Class on group this morning. Just wanted to let you know.



Blessings Andy!

I am so grateful to you for being you.
It seems like you read my mind and say exactly the right things to me at the right times. I had never succeeded at anything I had tried before (many) and to finally succeed at something for the first time is exciting and extremely gratifying.  I had a lot of self doubt and lacked confidence in myself for a very long time. Though I never said it, I know you could sense it Andy. I've learned so much about myself during this wonderful journey and I feel like a new person.

As you know, next month I will earn more than my husband and he con't believe it either. I am so grateful to him for encouraging me to join and try another opportunity. Pray I stay humble.

Keith W
keith w with wife meg.jpgkeith w and daughter kate.jpg
Dana F

Hey Andy!

Boy.. I am just rolling!  Things completely turned around today .... they love me, and the best part is that I'm saving them all a lot of money! I've sent in one app and I've got 4 more in the pipeline. YAY

Woo hoo! just got my first BOR! / Dana F.

I've been POUNDED today! I got 6 apps apps, a ton in the hopper. Dana F.
Jackie P

Hi Andy,
 I enjoyed class today.  I think it is so important that you do stress the need to be "grounded" to us all.  If you do not try to find and get some balance in your life, then no matter how much success you get..it will not produce the happiness in your life that you seek.  

One of the things that I liked about you since day one, was your very earnest need to "do unto others". I felt you were sincere from day one! (that's saying a lot for a "cynical New Yorker"!).  I feel lucky to have joined your school and chosen this path. If I had any regrets, it is that I did not join 2yrs earlier when I would have had my "financial umbrella" in place. I have every intention to be successful at this, in large part because of you and the people you associate with. (Ex. Wes). 

Keep up the good work and thanks!  Jackie P. 

Hi Andy, You sound like an excited kidd! It's great. The passion that you have for "people" cannot be faked. It means that life has not taken one of the things that should be paramount in our day to day lives from you. One of the reasons we all become so jaded as we age is that we lose that childlike quality to love or care about the people around us...just because.  When ever I feel like Life might be trying to take my optimism, I just have to open one of your e-mails.  They always do the trick! Thank you Andy for being who you are. Jackie P

Dan R
Got a call yesterday from 11/20 lead  .... called out of blue, Aetna $508. Switching a turndown to HH tomorrow, about 10 on money pad, two are referrals. 
Dan R
Joseph O.


Just a note to let you know that I am very pleased and excited about every thing you have done. I am trying to
arrange travel plans to come visit you and get a real understanding of how you run your office and business.
Joseph O

Phil B
I got my first lead, and wrote my first deal. Pretty good!
Phil B.
Kim L
I am doing well. The hard work .... is finally paying off. I was able to write up a HH and a major medical yesterday. Like you said persistance counts.
Kim L
Ralph J.


I have learned so much these past couple of months from your class, that I am anxious to go live and see if it is all sticking in my mind. 
Ralph J.

Kathy and Burch W.

Kathy W. and husband, Burch

burchkathy-1.jpgBurch has a little less hair - Mine's  a little greyer - other than that everything's the same.  Hope your weekend
was wonderful!!  Kathy W

Spencer M.
Robin S

I wrote my first deal today – my accountant.  UHC H S A for dad and two children for $379 per month – that’s a nice commission - $900 right?
Robin S.

 I just wrote two UHC and one Humana policies. Robin

Thank you for all of the information, education and inspiration you have provided over the past year.  I will continue to look forward to each TOD and whatever else might develop in PJM.  Again, thank you so very much for opening a career door that otherwise would never have even been thought of, much less pursued.     Robin S

Annie R.
Thank You very much Andy ... when in doubt I always refer to you ... You are my hero!
Terrence G.
Jennifer S.

Halleleua! Halleleua! Halleleua! Thank you, thank you, thank you Andy. You said it would happen and it did. I wrote four last evening and two more this morning. My pipeline is filling up. I 'm pinching my self. Luv you! 

Jennifer S.

Rob P.

Andy, you are the best! I love working with you! Onward and upward!


Michael S

Hello Andy,

I am doing well.

I have been doing a lot of training in the PJM Library and listening to the audios and reading everything i can.

I am realy happy, Andy, with all the resources you have provided and you always respond to me right away when I e-mail you.  It has been a great experience so far and I am learning a lot.

I am so excited and can't wait to start. I heard one of your tapes today where you actually sold a policy to a customer while the students were on the phone listening.  I really liked that tape a lot and I learned a lot from it.  My goal, Andy, is to go live on May 1, 2009.  I will be in Miami 4/3 to 4/10 but I will have my laptop with me and I will continue to study.  Once I get my site and study the plans I will call you so we can do some role playing.  Thanks Andy again for the opportunity.

Michael S

Hello Andy,

I will have 4 more deals on the books by the end of this week. The most important part is I know the system is working and I can do the business. I know when I go full time I will be off to the races and I owe it all to you Andy! I have been using your auto responder e-mails and I have had a lot of compliments form my leads on the e-mails. The deal I am writing tomorrow sent me an e-mail last week and said I love the e-mails and I will definitely be working with you. The e-mails bring a lot of value and separates us from the rest.

I just thought I would give you an update so you know what I am doing and to thank you.

I  needed to learn the system, the plans, the talking points, and everything else that you have taught us, and I have!

I am feeling good and for the first time in 2 years I feel like I am going to get back to the level I was at when I left the mortgage business . . . making $275,000 a year. I know it won’t happen overnight, but I now have the vehicle to get me there and that is all I needed was the vehicle. Thanks again Andy and I will continue to attend class when I can and use the library every day. I am a happy student!     

Michael S

Hello Andy,

Now that I have been running full time and averaging over 20 deals a month I have a problem I need help with. What software or system do you use to track commissions from the carriers you sell to? Thanks. Michael S.
Diana K.


Have a great weekend.

Thank You,
Diana K

Frank O
Thank you Andy!
Scott R Visits Drew

scott_r_visits_andy.jpgScott R Visits Drew

Theresa F.
I have been on all the phone calls. The training sessions are really wonderful.

I am thrilled to be a part of the Titans and for the opportunity to learn from you.

Theresa F.

Andy, Got my first P and C application in. Theresa

Dave L.

How are you doing today?
I wrote 2 apps on Monday with Anthem.
I wrote 9 apps off of my quotes for October and will probably have more over the next 2 weeks. My commission for apps written and approved in October are: $2,987. I a good start.
You and your training have been a Godsend. I can't thank you enough for your help. In 30 days you took me from
unemployed and no knowledge of how to start in this new industry to up and running and writing 9 applications. I actually wrote an additional 4 applications but 1 is on hold, 1 got declined, and 2 are in the middle of being finished.
You have done everything you promised you would do and more. I would recommend you and your school to anyone looking for help with our industry.
I look forward to working with you now and in the future.
Thanks, Dave L.

I feel the same way.  Thanks for the kind words.  I appreciate all you do.  My main goal now is to get to 40+ apps/ month. 


I wrote 5 apps yesterday! 3 Anthem, 1 Mini Med, 1 Humana.   Thanks,  Dave L.


How are you doing.  I am moving forward.  With Luck I will write my first life policy on Monday.  Commission should be about $1,800!

I am on track to gross 100K from my first 12 months work.

Dave L.

Randy F.



Thanks again for all your help if more people in this world had your caring, attitude and resolve we would all be better off. randy 

POWER OF THE MONEY PAD EXPLOSION !  Thanks Andy for your positive thoughts. Randy

Jennifer V.

Hello Andy,
I was afraid I was going to get too busy to handle my full time job and
family(new baby) plus my new business and everything else in my life. I am
very busy now with applications doing it all part time but I LOVE IT!
The overwhelming feeling of YES another one! 6 on my money pad 10 in the
hopper and I haven't even finished answering my voice mail for call backs. Not
enough hours in the day to help everyone.
I hope you and and your family are doing well.
Always the BEST VALUE......

Jennifer V


Hi Andy,

It is happening soooo quickly. Business is evolving I was at 6 a week ago and now I'm up to 15. Couple hours here and a couple hours there- (Just Part Time) manageable for me. Pipelines are filling. My voicemail never empty. 
Always the Best Value ...

Got home early and did my first BOR with aetna $541. It was easier than I thought.
Jery D.
Good Morning Andy

Told a friend after class, "it is hard to believe, that with your help, I have accomplished more in the last 3 days than I had in the previous 10 months.
Mike C

My Teacher

You are absolutely doing a fantastic job.  Anyone that can’t get inspiration from you, is not inspirable if that’s even a usable word.There’s an old saying I’ve been using since I was a golf teaching pro- when referring to someone who gives you tips on your swing-Don’t go to a plumber to get your teeth fixed.   Stick with the pros.You’re a pro Andy no doubt.  As long as you’ll let me, I’ll be a frequent visitor to class and pray some rubs off.It’s amazing how often that saying has applied in other areas.
Mike C

What great audio tapes those are in the library.  I can't get enough, and I've learned so much more about you too. I've filled in a lot of brain gaps already and I'm still in September 07 on the audio.

We have quite a bit in common.  I was in golf, the PGA business for 13 years and I too am amazed with Tiger and his accomplishments even more so because I know how tough it is from the inside of the ropes so to speak.  I am a big Nicklaus fan too, him and Tom Watson were my idols growing up.

Looking forward to tomorrow being another great day, I think I may have turned the corner.

Thanks again coach.

Mike C  

I officially have the snowball starting to make its first rotation.

Your good / Mike

The PJM benny’s just keep on coming

you’re the best.  Mike C. 

I love the constant flow of reminders.  There’s always a  reason I find to print out your emails again for my book for quick reference. Mike


  mike c..jpg









Vicki C.

Vicki C.


Aisha M.

Aisha M.

Andy, Thank you for all of your support. Aisha


Leslie C.

I enjoyed the call this evening. I love this program and in particular, I love the way you make this whole business feel so positive and purposeful. I've poked around, while I was sick, on a few other insurance related sites, just to get a sense of how the world at large handles insurance. Your approach is truly unique and the students, I love everyone's attitude. So, the bottom line is - I know I've found a home here with you and this business. You have spoiled me Andy.

Hi Andy,

Just wanted to wish you a happy father's day. Judging from how you are with your students I know you must be an awesome dad!

Knowing you are there to help me is a huge comfort!

Keith W.

Keith W.

keith w 2.jpgkeith w.jpg

Don C
Michael R.

My name is Michael R. and I am 23 years old out of PA. First let me say that without you I would have made $5000 worth of mistakes in a few weeks. The value of you and your schools education is worth so much more!!

Andy's system has worked so well for me. I am an application writing machine! I am up to 4 apps per day. I was up and running in a month. Andy has changed my life and at 23 my career path is set. I am going to be rich man someday. Now everyday instead of worrying how I am going to get by each month, I am watching my income grow and grow. Thanks for everything Andy!

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