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The Pajama-Man School | An Interview With The Pajama Man Drew Ross

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Hi! My name is Andee Ross … Drew Ross’s wife! A bit confusing but true! My birth certificate reads "Andee" (A-N-D-E-E), and his birth certificate reads "Andrew," although he has been called "Andy" all of his life - we now call him "Drew"!

I am the woman behind The Pajama-Man, but I really am the woman beside him, as we are  true life partners!
I started calling Drew the Pajama-Man many years ago! All I had to do was look at what he wears to work and the name was a natural!
We and our three young children are blessed in many ways. Having my husband work at home during our entire marriage has been one of those blessings! Even though he is in his home office focused on his work, we have the security of knowing that we can pop in on him at any time!  
It is easy to speak about my husband's success, as I have watched it happen over the many years. Andy's success has allowed me to fulfill my dream which is to be a stay-at- home mother and to afford to give our children a wonderful education and lifestyle.
For people who want to work at home and earn a great living, you, too, can be lucky like my family!
Drew often tells me that it is the system that is the reason we are so lucky! He has said it to me hundreds of times … “honey, it’s the system."
Drew is a great coach, mentor and consultant. He always tells me his students/clients are family. He has a passion to embrace his student's success!
As we say in our house “Drew is just the best at what he does” … and you will be, too!

An interview with The Pajama-Man

1) Who are you?

My name is Drew Ross, and I am Mr. Insurance of Nevada.

 I am THE top producer of over 300 independent brokers in individual sales for the largest  insurance company in the state of Nevada.

I am The Pajama-Man! I train and develop students nationwide to do what I do ... earn unlimited residual income working from home. I am very passionate about The Pajama-Man School and my students. We have many success stories and we will have many more! My focus is to continually make The Pajama-Man School better. Again I am very passionate about my school and my students. For me it is truly a love affair.

I have a beautiful wife named Andee. She is my best friend and lifetime partner. Together we have produced three incredible children. My wife Andee is the best mother to our three children. We are lucky and blessed to have her!

Andee and I have two daughters, Miller and Scarlett, who are 13 and 10 years old, and we have a son named Dashiel who is 6.

I have a business partner, and his name is Paul DeOny. Paul is the best business partner you could have. Paul is a key ingredient in the success of The Pajama-Man School.

I am truly a blessed man as I have two families ... Andee and our children and Paul, our students and The Pajama-Man School.

2) Why the name "The Pajama-Man?"

My wife Andee "coined" the name. The name represents a lifestyle. I am self-employed, home-based, and I wear anything I choose to work. I shave when I want too or I should say, have too. I love being The Pajama-Man. It does not get much better as I have my freedom to do what I want ... when I want! Being a business owner ...  working from home and earning the kind of income I earn is wonderful. I never take it for granted.  

3) Why Insurance?

Simple. I wanted an industry with great demand and a business that had residual income. I had previously been earning residual income for over 10 years and I wanted what I had.

Life, health, property & casualty are all interchangeable as it pertains to my system. I have income in all insurance fields.

For example health insurance is a trillion dollar industry and is expanding. The cost of health care continues to climb, and if a person is not covered, he or she is taking a huge risk. If he or she waits until "something happens," it is too late. They will be uninsurable. As premiums rise, and they do, your current or existing residual income grows.  Most important, my unique system works perfectly with health and life insurance. The key, again, is that the DEMAND is incredible.

For example property and casualty is "something" everyone needs. Auto insurance is not an option. The market is overwhelming.

Another example is life insurance. It is such an easy "add-on" sale, as for $50 I can give a home-owner a simple life insurance policy and earn a quick $1000. Not bad.

The point is that the insurance industry is the most lucrative I could find. No limits in any area. Income, demand or prospects ... all from home. Let me add the key point ... RESIDUAL INCOME is what I have had for 18 years. For me ... it is the only way!

We keep it simple for the client. For us; "income streams from every angle"!

4) Why is your system so different, so successful?

I cannot tell you that until you become a student. I do guarantee that you will be in business instantly and it will grow daily! Insurance is the vehicle, but it is the system that will make you successful, if you do what you learn in school! Life insurance allows us to have a dual money making opportunity. Health and life insurance work well together. It is a perfect cross sell. Property & casualty are tonnage products. The key is "picking your focus", and farming out the rest of the prospects so you can leverage your time, and earn us much income as you want. My biggest problem? Not enough time in the day to be "everything", to "everybody" ... but then again we have a system, and we do not leave "money on the table".

5) How about Life Insurance and Property & Casualty? Other income opportunities?

The demand for life insurance is strong, and most States combine health and life insurance for licensing. In that case, you will be licensed for both. In the Pajaman-Man School you learn ALL  businesses, health & life, property & casualty.  We have it all, from renters insurance to mortgage protection, from long term care to disability. I do not think there is any area of insurance that you can not learn at our school. I may be wrong, but there certainly not many.

I put much focus on our mini med program. A real cash cow. We have a unique niche where we can insure the un-insurable. One hundred applications earns you about $5,000 a month, every month.

In addition, you will have income opportunities in Dental/ Vision, and Medicare supplements, which is a huge market. Everywhere you turn there are income opportunities, all with the same client. I know I am biased, BUT, how can anyone do anything else? Insurance has been around forever, and will be around forever.  It is great to know I have my last career. It is even better to know that I have a system that allows me to do it all from my home office.

6) Do I have to go on appointments to make sales?

No! With my system you never have to leave your house. Your home office is where the action will take place. Not being at your desk will cost you money. I write 50-60 applications each month. I also "farm" out the sub categories of insurance I am to busy to handle. I get income deposits small to very large ... that come from all over the spectrum of the industry. There is no area so far that I can not fill the need of the prospect.

7) What is tuition and how do I pay?

Tuition is $5,000. We accept credit cards, debit cards, and checks. The contract is for legal purposes. I am and would always be here for my students. The contract says one year ... I say forever!

8) Why $5,000?

My training, experience, and accomplishments make this opportunity worth much more. You can spend tens of thousands of dollars on a franchise, business opportunity, and/or a college education. My students are getting a life-changing career. Many students have said it is worth much more. I continually add value to our program.

Winners ask ... "What can I do to make it better?" Winners always give 10 times more value than they ask for in return. That is my philosophy!

9) What will I receive for $5,000?

A new career. Your last career for life. Unlimited residual income in an exploding industry. A system for making it all happen! A career that will allow you to earn a six-digit income while never having to leave your home!

See the "Connect-the-Dots" syllabus and "Journey to Financial Freedom" on the site. Please review the topics that are in the PJM library. The library allows students to work and learn at their own pace and schedule.

I am an expert trainer, mentor, coach, consultant, and motivator. I have a passion for helping my students become top producers. Many are and many will be!

Success is what the Pajama-Man School is all about! I have students from all "walks of life." Again please read "Journey to Financial Freedom" and you will read about who has enrolled in our school. We have fabulous people that make me proud to be their teacher.

Please see the student testimonials and you will see how they feel about me and our school.

10) How many application do you write Andy? 

I average 50-60 applications each month. I could write more. As I always say ... the enemy for me and my students is ... TIME ... there is never enough. The days, weeks and months fly by. Your income grows steadily due to the residual aspect.

11) Is it a difficult business?

No! It is simple, once you are trained. You are offering what everyone needs and has to have! The system you will learn will put you instantly into a thriving industry. You will not have to leave your home office. My system teaches you how to fill the pipeline and allows you to write applications immediately. People want and need "experts" ... that is what you will become! You will prescribe for your prospects and they will follow or take your advice and prescription.

12) How much money will it cost me in monthly expenses?

$500 or so in expenditure will bring in many clients and keep you busy. 

13) Do I need to get licensed?

Yes. I help you pass the test. My system will allow you to breeze through the exam! I passed the exam in 45 minutes. Nevada is tougher because it is the only state that requires a passing grade of 80%. All other states require 70%, which is much easier. My student's "breeze" through the exam! Every single one! The best part is no one has to "crack a book."

14) How long will it take for me to be ready to start? How do you train your students?

Every student is different, so I teach, consult and mentor until the transformation takes place ... taking the individual from student to teacher. I have my students "teach me back" ... that is how I confirm that each and every student ... GETS IT!

Before long, you will be the teacher. You will be ready to "hit the ground running," when you are ready. After passing the exam, it takes about 2 weeks for your license to arrive. We use this period wisely, so that you will be prepared to write applications as soon as you are licensed. We will have a relationship for life. I will always be there for you. 


I train you three ways:

* A live interactive daily session that is 90 minutes for health insurance. We also have a daily life insurance meeting that we have after the health insurance meeting that is 30-45 minutes. I record the sessions and they go into the PJM library for 24/7 access for students.

Training sessions: 

These sessions are on the phone and are interactive. Student participation is a key ingredient. I am honored to be my student's teacher and mentor. Graduate students come to class just to "listen in."

 I "drill down" on all subjects in detail. My students really enjoy the sessions, as they "can't seem to get enough." They are educational as the material is specific. They are also "motivational and inspirational". "No stone is left unturned", in making sure "you get it." I do this by having you "train me back", asking you and the group questions thru-out the session, as well as alot of role-playing. I play the role of prospect and the role of broker, as you will as well. Role-playing is a key ingredient to my training sessions. I make sure that when you work with your prospects you have the experience needed to maximize sales. Once you begin writing business I then work with you to "fine tune" any and all areas. In time you "become me", and therefore enjoy the same success I have.

* Audio and Visual Pajama-Man Library. You have over 60 hours of recorded training sessions that you can listen to at anytime. ALL subjects are covered. Our library allows you to learn and grow at your desired pace and schedule. If you spend the time and do the work in the library you will enjoy the success that I have.

For example in the library there is a list of all key phrases, qualifying questions and terminology for you to learn. You learn how to tele-talk your way to a fortune in residual income. This information will separate you quickly from your competition. The education you receive is unique. It is the reason I am THE top producer.

* One on One Training with me. We work on learning and understanding your buffet of products in your market. We role-play together until, I take you from student to teacher. Once you can "get past me", I know you have it!

15) What tools will I need?

Phone, fax, computer and some "good old fashioned" desire and discipline. My training and system will do the rest. That's it!

16) How much money can I expect to earn?

I don't know how much you will earn; it depends on your work ethic. We do not make earnings claims or income projections. In the "Show Me the Money" section you will see my earnings from my first full year. These earnings represent health insurance only. My health insurance income in 2006 was $178,000.

17) Can I begin part-time?

Yes, you can. The system is geared for you to work at night and weekends, if you wish. You can work any hours or times of the day you choose. This allows you to grow your residuals and wean yourself away from your present job, if needed. Once you are earning enough income part-time, you can shift to full time. The beauty of the system is that you have complete control of your business. You have the ability to turn your business "on" or "off" when you want.  Depending on my schedule I turn the system on for the amount of hours I want to write business. I write business in the evenings as well. As long as I am home, why not write applications? I can watch television and relax in the evenings with my family, and then mute the television and write another application. My family gives me the "high five", and I go back to relaxing with them. Not bad!

18) How do I get paid?

You get paid residually. What does that mean? It means that you get paid every month for your growing book of business.  To be very clear you get paid over and over again (monthly) for past sales. I represent the 4 largest insurance companies in my market, and they all pay me monthly, or residually. I love the residuals as the money keeps building and ROLLING in!  Residual income is the single most important reason students enroll at The Pajama-Man School.

19) Why is residual income so important, as I hear you say it so often?

Because you get paid every month on every sale, past and present, it is similar to an annuity. The retention is excellent so income growth is in a straight line north. I would not be in a business that is not residual. You can take time off and the money keeps rolling in. I have been in a residual income business for over 17 years. For me, it is the only way.

20) Is there a guarantee on "success?"

There are no guarantees, as I cannot control your discipline, desire and work ethic. The business is an easy one if you do the work. However, I do guarantee that my system is proven and my success is fact. I also guarantee my training expertise. You will have the best mentorship, as I am aggressive in making sure you are doing what you need to be doing. I want you to be sure that this business is for you. If you have what I call the two "Ds," discipline and desire, then this opportunity is right for you! You will have a great career in what will be your last career for life!

21) What are your accomplishments?

I have a degree in Psychology from Florida International University. I graduated on March 20, 1981.

I was a market "turn around" artist with a major furniture corporation. I would take the worst markets and turn them into winners in under one year. I did this in Minnesota and Salt Lake City. I was the youngest general manager of over 125 GM's. 

I have been self-employed and have worked from my home office for over 16 years. Not bad. I passed the State insurance exam for licensing in 45 minutes. I have a valuable secret on how I did it, and I will share it with you! You will not have to "crack a book."

* I began my Health Insurance career in February 2005
* I am a top producer in the State of Nevada for individual health insurance sales.
* In 2005, I was the #1 producer for PacifiCare in Nevada. Please see Debbie Palmer's letter in the "Show Me the Money" section, she was my agent manager with PacifiCare Health Insurance.
* I was a "top producer" for Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance in 2005, 2006, and, currently 2007
* I was THE top producer for Sierra Health Insurance in 2006 and 2007 with my broker managers group of over 325 brokers.
* I earned $291,000 in 2007, and my business continues to explode
* I have worked from my home since 1992.
* I am an expert trainer, coach, mentor and motivator.
* I have a passion for teaching and coaching.

22) Can I visit you, The Pajama-Man, in Las Vegas and see your home-based operation?

Yes, you can. Coming to my home office will allow you to see me and my money-making machine in action. Seeing thousands of clients on the books and the fact that I have done it in three years will "blow you away." What can I say? I am proud of my home office and the production that comes from it. I have a money-making machine ... and I never leave my home. Let me also add that EVERY student candidate that has come to my home-office has paid the tuition and become a student.

23) When is training or class and can you tell me more about it?

We have role play class every morning. Each student role plays for a week with me, and we record each session so you can study what you did in the class session. I make sure you have every word, every program down "cold". You go from student to teacher, and then you are ready to work with the public.

Daily lecture is in the evening hours; the times will be posted on our web site and you will receive e-mail alerts. My business is handled on the phone, just as your business will be. When you have completed one month of conference call training, I will work with you one on one on the telephone. Much of the subject matter is listed on the "Connect-the-Dots" syllabus on this site. Also please review the PJM library topics in the "Journey to Financial Freedom" Section. All training sessions have been audio taped and can be found in the PJM library. I delve into the depth and breadth of each topic. Again, I drill down, until you go from student to teacher. I make the sessions fun and enjoyable. You will look forward to them.

24) Can I ask questions during group training, and how are training sessions structured?

Yes. The sessions are interactive and I encourage participation. It is a classroom environment ... as I do "call" on students so I can make sure that "they have it down ... COLD." Ultimately my students "train me" as they become the teacher.

You can also e-mail me during training; the answers will be given during the session so that everyone can benefit. If the question does not pertain to the group, you will receive an e-mail individually answering the question, or a telephone call, or both. There are interactive sessions, as well. Every student has different needs so the sessions are tailored to meet the individual needs of those students in a specific training session. I make sure you "get it all." I leave no stone unturned. I am a RESULTS guy. We also have a section for Q@A that posts in the library. Students learn from each other's questions. We can start in one "spot" and "end" in a totally different "spot." You never know how class is going to go as the sessions are very fluid. My goal is to make them interesting, educational and enjoyable. I have my students "teach me back" ... that is how I make sure the transformation takes place ... taking you from student to teacher.

25) Will I receive support in all facets of my business?

Yes. I am expert in identifying your strengths and weaknesses. My experience is vast, as I have operated a home-based business for over 16 years. I "do not pull punches" . . . you will learn exactly what needs to be done to keep you on track. I will ask you to send me reports on your production and details on execution. Establishing and accomplishing your goals will be my top priority. I speak to my students daily or as needed.

26) Will you have "special" training sessions for "special" topics?

Yes. For example, I have sessions for role-playing only. I teach you what to say and how to say it. I train you how to "TELE-TALK." Sessions for students who are in need of specific training on specific subject matter. Sessions for advanced students. Sessions are always being tailored to meet the needs of students based on where they are in the learning curve. One on one sessions will be important once you get the basics down. I love to teach and coach.

27) Will I be an agent of yours? Do you earn money or residuals from my production?

No! You are independent and will be licensed in the State you reside in. I will show you how to get licensed in other States. However, I am so busy in Nevada that I do not need another State. You will discover the same. The tuition is the only monies my company receives from you. All your income and production will be yours! You are an independent business owner. You will have multiple income streams from the health insurance companies that you represent. I will help you decide which companies in your market are good for you, and why. I will also help you get appointed by these companies.

28) What if I want to market "The Pajama-Man School?"

My students must focus on building their insurance business. That is "where the money is." Residual income is "the name of the game." I do not want you to market me ... I want you to market you!

29) Briefly, tell me what are the key points of this opportunity? 

I think it is a great time to review what this opportunity and our School is about:

* The insurance business is a trillion dollar industry. A product everyone needs and, for most, a product that is a MUST have.

* Life insurance is a natural add-on sale and very lucrative. A real cash cow!

* Anyone who owns a car needs auto insurance.

* Anyone who owns property is a great prospect for many reasons as you will learn.

* We teach over 30 insurance products. However I want you to pick just one to master, and then we grow your business from there. The system works equally for every line of insurance.

* You are paid residually, or over and over again, each month for past and present sales. You can grow your monthly income without limitation.

* My system puts you instantly in business. You have very interested prospects from the word "GO." No cold calling. No calling your warm market. I will teach you how to write applications from your home office every single day, while never having to leave home.


* I will teach you how to be a top producer, and I will help you become better than you ever thought you could be.

* You are an independent business owner. You are your own boss. You will have your last career for life!

30) Drew do you have any final thoughts?

I want to say this opportunity is special and unique. It is a change of life for most people. You can start part-time and grow your residuals very effectively until you go full time. My students, like my insurance clients, are very important to me. Their results and success are my priority. However, there is MORE. Let me say again, this opportunity IS about "the system," the vehicle, the trillion-dollar health insurance industry with incredible demand, making money, "lots of money" with residuals.

The MORE is that this program is about character, being the best, your clients loving you, as mine love me!

If you are interested in this opportunity and enrolling in our School, e-mail me after you have reviewed all of the information on this web site. Tell me about yourself, your thoughts, goals, and aspirations.

Finally, I want to thank everyone on my team for their help and support.

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it